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secretaryWhen I first took off in 2001, I knew I could support myself by stopping in places I wanted to explore and take temp legal assistant jobs.  While that worked pretty well, commuting from sometimes remote campgrounds, then sitting for 8 hours a day in a stuffy law office was not my idea of fun.  In 2007, my daughter turned me on to the “Virtual Assistant” workplace.  So now as long as I have constant internet access, it works great.  Of course sometimes they all want something “yesterday” but so far, I like this way of making money as a travel.  Check out my virtual assistance website: Above the Bar Virtual Assistance.

My initial dream was to support myself through my passion for writing. But while my articles were well received, they certainly weren’t well paid. I discovered that trying to make my living by doing what I loved put so much stress on me that I started to lose the passion and the love of the writing just for its sake. So I continue to write about things that interest me, and have some things published and paid for, but have removed the expectation that it will support me totally. See Malia’s Articles for a list and links to what I’ve written.

Once the site grew and became popular, I had the idea to try to barter the time and effort it took to provide such detailed information for camping sites, tours, etc.  Certainly most of the information on this site does not have that kind of deal, but I always stick by what I say in the beginning of my home page: “And while I will partially support this site by bartering my efforts for campsites and selling ads to places I have visited and endorse, no one gets to approve what I say…I want whoever reads this site to know that I mean what I say and that my reviews cannot be bought at any price. What I write about and what I say will always be my choice alone.”

divider-greenChecklistcoverI am often asked for tips to help the newbie hit the road. I believe following a checklist is an important part of the process. It’s always a good idea to review safety steps no matter how many times you’ve performed them. I designed these lists to be easy to use, broken down into four stages:

“I Want It” – The Pre-Delivery Inspection process made easy.
“I Got It!” – Notifications to give, Inventory to bring, Lists for insurance purposes.
“I’m Driving It!” – Getting in and out of campgrounds safely – plus how to be a good neighbor.
“I Gotta Do What?” – Technical considerations for hitching/unhitching and storage.
Check it out here and you can download and print what you need right now!


Donations – It took me a while to decide to do this – I thought it might look tacky to ask for money for something I love to do anyway. But after I got such nice feedback and comments from people – some even saying they wanted to donate to my “cause” – I thought again and figured I shouldn’t turn my back on blessings that want to come my way. If you find value in what I do, if it saves you some of the time and trouble it took me to find it out and put it up, then I’d be happy to accept your gift!

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divider-greenMailboxYour comments and feedback matter to me. The only way I know if this site is of any value to you is if you tell me about it. I love hearing from you and my mailbox is always open. Contact me or please leave comments above. Comments from folks who have "journeyed" with me at Malia's Mailbox.

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