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Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Differences between the two Campgrounds: Rivermouth and Lower Falls

August 5-12, 2011

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See Map Page for information on location/directions issues
Both Microsoft Streets & Trips and Garmin GPS had location of campgrounds wrong

Rivermouth - Modern Campground

Site Map (72 Sites) (Sites 1-72)

When I asked friends and readers about the choice of staying at either Rivermouth or Lower Falls campground, almost unanimously, I heard "Rivermouth." Main reason given was that it was more modern and sites were more spacious. The camp hosts from Rivermouth said they think it's quieter here because there is no public day use area and that large groups and families seem to frequent the Lower Falls loops more.

Here's you're looking down the row that leads to the river with the campground host site (#45) on the left and the modern bathhouse on the right.

Rivermouth Pines - Semi Modern Campground

Site Map (36 Sites) (Sites 101-136)

In the semi-modern campground of Rivermouth, there are some sites right alongside the Tahquamenon River. There is no electricity or modern bathhouses (vault toilets only). No generator use allowed at any time.

The favorite sites here are 101 & 102.
Even if you're staying in the modern side, don't miss a stroll along the path and rest and reflection spots like this.

Lower Falls - Modern Campgrounds

Site Map (188 Sites)

Riversbend Campground (Sites 1-81)
Overlook Campground (Sites 101-188) (scroll down to see on site map)
The sites here are generally smaller and not as near the river. However, you are closer to the paths that lead to the Lower Falls if you want to hike the path there (1 mile from campground).
Riversbend Campground
Some sites here back up to the river (Site 11) and while they do have pull-throughs and I did see some larger RVs, the majority are small popups and tents.

Overlook Campground

Row with site 142 on the left.

Site 158. Between Riversbend and Overlook, I saw more big rigs at Overlook than I did at Riversbend.

It seems like some people call this campground "Upper Falls" - but there really is no campground at the Upper Falls. The Upper Falls trailhead is about 4 miles from these Lower Falls campgrounds.
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