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Rivermouth CG sign

Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Rivermouth Modern Campground

Physical address for mapping/GPS:
32130 W. South River Road, Paradise, MI 49768

August 5-12, 2011

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72 sites (1-72) - (Site Map)

See Campgrounds Differences for info on all campgrounds
at Tahquamenon Falls State Park.

See Map Page for more information on location/directions issues.

Here are the nice camp hosts, Janet & Nathan from E. Tawas.

They're standing next to their site # 45 which is across from the modern bathhouse. The road view is heading toward the river.

While this is their first time camp hosting here, they've camped at all Tahquamenon State Park campgrounds, and said they like this one the best. Compared to the Lower Falls campgrounds, they like the more central location here, that it's closer and more accessible to the river for canoeing and kayaking, and that the campsites are more spacious with more trees.

My site #69 was nice and spacious, but even though you see my satellite dish up, the trees were too tall and dense to get a DirecTV signal, even with my tripod setup.

One of the rangers here said if I parked parallel to the road, he's seen others get a signal that way due to hitting a hole in the trees, but I decided I just didn't like being parked that way with my "working window" so close to the road. Plus my front windows would have been directly facing that vault toilet and that didn't sound appealing.

I was exploring so much while I was here that I didn't sit outside under my awning so my door facing it didn't bother me. The only thing that did was that no one seemed to be able to close that door quietly - it would bang whenever closed because it has a big spring on it. There's a modern bathhouse just around the corner, so I was surprised by how many people used the vault toilet.

Oh, but I did discover here that I could see the programs I'd taped on my DVR even without a signal from DirecTV - was verrrry happy about that! :)

There were a couple of nice pull throughs right next to me. Here is Site #72 and the driveway to the right is the exit for Site #71.
In choosing between these two, Site 72 is better. The front of it looks into the trees instead of the back of another RV. Also, #71 is also close enough to that vault toilet to hear the noise from the door from here, too. I like how both sites have trees to buffer from the side of the road and both also have 50 amp service.

Most requested/popular sites:

Site # 19 is on the corner as it bends around to riverside area. Hard to see in this pic, but that's the Tahquamenon River through the trees to the left. It's a nice, deep and spacious back-in site with 50 amp electric service.
The public picnic area and amphitheater located here might bother some people looking for more privacy, but the camp hosts told me they usually only have events here once a week and the area looks large enough for me that it doesn't encroach onto the campsite too much in my opinion.
Further down, Site 53 is also riverside, but it doesn't have the amphitheater in front, so is even more popular than Site 19.

Site 48 toward the middle is an extra long pull through with 50 amp service.

General Campground and Reservations Information:

Reservations information. All campsites are reservable up to 6 months in advance of arrival date. There is an $8.00 fee to make a reservation.

Reviews from other RVers: and

Rates as of August, 2011:
(always check with park or reservations service for updates)

Electric sites = $21.00 ($2.00 per night extra for 50 amp sites)

Non electric sites = $12-$16 (36 riverfront sites in Rivermouth Pines )

Michigan's Recreation Passport is necessary for entrance and/or camping here:
MI Registered Vehicles: $10/annual (no daily option)
Out of State Vehicles: $29/annual or $8/day
FAQs re: Recreation Passport

Towed vehicles : If you're in a motorhome with non-Michigan plates and towing another vehicle, there is a one-time fee of $6.00 that covers the extra vehicle and is valid for park entry during your entire stay in one park. However, you must also have the non-resident annual Recreation Passport ($29) for your motorhome in order to qualify to purchase the $6.00 towed vehicle permit.

Once I discovered that the little town of Paradise is very limited in its shopping and dining selections, I wished I had stocked up at the WalMart in Sault St. Marie before I got here.

But I really enjoyed breakfast a couple of times at the Berry Patch restaurant. They have a selection called "Lumber Jill" where you can get a taste of everything: eggs, hash browns, sausage patty, bacon, toast, a pancake and cofee - all for under $6.00! Plus I love it that you can get breakfast anytime of the day.

I also wished I had done my laundry because I was shocked to discover I had to drive over 40 miles to Newberry, and paid $3.00 to wash a small load of clothes! I was told there used to be a laundromat in Paradise, but they had to close it down due to the tannin in the water tinting the clothes instead of cleaning them.

Be sure to get gas either in Sault Ste. Marie or Newberry because it's at least 5 cents more expensive in Paradise.

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Directions issues: Since I had previously learned my lesson about administration office vs. campground location when using Garmin GPS or Microsoft Streets & Trips, I wanted to be extra sure I knew where I was going. Here's a link to a page with map that makes things as clear as I could make them from what I learned being here.


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