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My first experience of Montana came as I passed through on the way back from my big RV trip through Alaska in 2003. As I drove through Glacier National Park and had such limited time, I knew I’d have to return here someday when I made more time for proper exploration.  At that time, Going to the Sun Road was not open all the way due to forest fires and I became obsessed with driving that marvel of engineering all the way – and more than once!

During my return in the summer of 2015, it was another unwelcome surprise that wildfires in the area once again hampered my exploration.  Even though I had more than a month in the area around Glacier, it still was not enough time!

Since then, I just haven’t had the time to do all the pages I plan to include in the website here, but as I went along I posted a bunch of pictures to Facebook to share with my friends.  A sample from each album is included below and they are public, so you don’t need a Facebook account to check them out:

Going to the Sun - 8-9-15

Going to the Sun – East to West – 8-9-15

Thompson Fire - 8-11-15

Thompson Fire effects – 8-11-15

Hidden Lake Hike - 8-16-15

Hidden Lake Hike – 8-16-15

Going to the Sun Both Ways - 8-22-15

Going to the Sun Road – Both Ways – 8-22-15

Highline Trail - 8-22-15

Highline Trail – 8-22-15

Trail of the Cedars - 8-29-15

Trail of the Cedars – 8-29-15

Lake McDonald - 8-30-15

Going to the Sun Road – 8-30-15

As I have time, I will add links in the left column. I’d love to hear from you about your favorites in Comments below!

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  • Kristi Martin

    Quake Lake near Hebgen Lake is a nice visit. Huge earthquake hit the area in the 50’s and half a mountain came down on the Madison River. They have a nice little visitors’ center that tells how Quake Lake came to be. This is all near West Yellowstone.

    • I just heard about that area at the Visitor Center in West Yellowstone today, so I’m definitely going there. I remember I found Mt. St. Helen fascinating, so I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for the tip and if you come up with anything else, please share more. 🙂

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