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campbuttonCamping Info (NPS) – Info:  (406) 888-7800
Most campgrounds in Glacier are first-come first-served with the exception of Fish Creek, St. Mary and half of the group sites in Apgar.  Camping fees vary between $10-$23 dollars per night during the summer season. For prices of each individual campground, see Campground Status (lists all campgrounds).

Me at Lake McDonaldI spent the month of August, 2015 exploring Glacier National Park, and while I didn’t stay at any of them, I visited and took pictures of the three campgrounds that could accommodate my 35′ motorhome and tow vehicle: Apgar, Fish Creek and St. Mary.

I do plan to do a page about where I stayed – at Mountain View RV Park in Columbia Falls – whenever I have more time. Since somebody asked though, there is some info below in Comments.


Apgar InfoSite Map

RV Park ReviewsCampsite Photos

GPS coordinates:  48° 31′ 30″ N, 113° 59′ 1″ W
194 total sites (25 sites can fit a 40′ RV or truck/trailer combo).  Not reservable, except some group sites.  The largest campground in the park – near Apgar Village with visitor center, gift shops, a camp store, a casual restaurant, shuttle service and Red Bus tour reservations here. The campground itself is situated in trees and provides shade and some privacy. Potable water is accessible in the campground, and restroom facilities have flush toilets and sinks with running water.  I had sketchy Verizon cell phone and iffy 1x data service while going through parts of the campground, but no phone service within the Village.

Apgar - Loop A

Loop A Entrance

Apgar - Loop A road

Some of the sites seemed way too close to the road to me, though.

Apgar - Loop B

Loop B – Site 105 on right

Apgar - Site C145

Loop C – Site 145
I liked how these gave more room between the road and the site.

Apgar - D186

Loop D – Site 186


Fish Creek Info ♦ Site Map

RV Park ReviewsCampsite Photos

GPS Coordinates:  48° 32′ 52″N, 113° 59′ 7″ W ♦ Reservations
178 total sites (18 sites can accommodate up to a 35′ RV or truck/trailer combo).

No hookups.  Fish Creek is heavily forested with plenty of shade. Several sites have views of Lake McDonald. The sites are relatively spread apart and provide privacy for both RV and tent campers. Potable water is accessible in the campground, and restroom facilities have flush toilets and sinks with running water.

Fish Creek - Loop A

Loop A – Camp host on left and ADA Site 8 on right

Fish Creek - Site B68

Loop B – ADA Site 68 on left and Site 69 on right

Fish Creek - C103

Loop C – Site 103
No generator use allowed in this loop


St. Mary Info ♦ Site MapRV Park Reviews

GPS Coordinates: 48° 45′ 3″ N, 113° 26′ 49″ W
Reservations ♦ Info: (406) 732-7708
148 total sites (3 sites can accommodate up to a 40′ RV; 22 sites can accommodate up to 35′)

The largest campground on the east side of Glacier National Park, approximately 1/2 mile from the St. Mary’s visitor center.

St Mary CG

Loop A near entry
No generator use is allowed in this loop

St Mary CG 1

Further into Loop A
I couldn’t read any of the site numbers since they were covered with reservations

St Mary Site B62

Loop B – Site 62 on right

St Mary Site B70

Site B70 on right


Reservations:  For reservable campgrounds, once you choose your dates and other criteria, you can view pictures and details about each individual site available.

Glacier National Park Campgrounds – RV Park Reviews

Campsite Photos: Photos of every campsite in these campgrounds: Apgar, Avalanche, Fish Creek, Rising Sun and Sprague Creek

Quiet Hours & Generator Use:  Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.  Generator use in campgrounds is permitted only during the hours: 8:00 – 10:00 a.m.; 12 noon – 2:00 p.m.; and 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.  Generator use is prohibited at ALL TIMES in the following campgrounds:

Fish Creek, C Loop
Many Glacier, sites 88-102
Rising Sun, sites 49-84
Spraque Creek, All sites
St. Mary, A Loop
Two Medicine, sites 1-36
Cutbank Campground, all sites



Your Two Cents?
I’d love to hear from other campers who have been here and have any input or tips to share in Comments below.

  • bdornbush

    If you didn’t stay in any of these, where did you stay?

    • I’m trying to get other pages done about my time in Glacier, including where I stayed, but it’s slower going than I’d like due to other pesky things I have to do, like income-producing work. 🙂

      For the first week, I stayed at Columbia Falls RV Park. I found their prices pretty high and park pretty crowded, so I then moved to Mountain View RV Park, also in the town of Columbia Falls. Although they were 4 miles farther from the entrance to the park, I liked it a lot better. It’s a smaller, family owned park and they were so nice that even though it was earlier in the season than they usually offer monthly rates, she gave it to me anyway. While in general, I highly recommend this park, I did find that it was a bit farther out from the park than I would have preferred (22 miles to Apgar Visitor Center). Sometimes after long days of exploring the park and driving down Going to the Sun Road, that last 22 miles to home felt like forever. They don’t have a website, but their address is 3621 Hwy. 40 in Columbia Falls. RV Park Reviews has info on both these parks at

      Because I got that good monthly rate, though, I let finances rule, but otherwise I would have spent some time at Apgar and St. Mary campgrounds. But the other consideration was that with the way roads were closed sometimes due to the smoke and wildfires, options were fewer and timing more difficult. And of course, the NP campgrounds have no hookups.

      I noticed there were numerous RV Parks on Hwy. 2 closer to the west entrance, but I just didn’t have a chance to check them out. Internet access was also important to me, and I noticed sometimes I couldn’t get a signal at certain places on that road, so if that’s important to you, be sure to check with them.

      I wasn’t able to check out any other RV parks on the east side since by the time I would get over there, it was about time to head back. That’s one reason why I’m thinking of returning next summer!

      Please feel free to ask any other questions and I’ll do my best to answer. I do plan to do a page on Mountain View RV Park whenever I have time. If you subscribe to this website, you’ll see whenever I do updates.

      Thanks so much!

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