East Side – Going to the Sun Road

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August 2015 – This page includes pictures from the east side of Going to the Sun Road past The Loop (Logan Pass to St. Mary) – about 27 miles.  See map for locations.  I broke these pages down by West SideEast Side because there was just too much beauty for one page. Main page is basic info and has my favorite photos from the drive and that sure wasn’t easy to decide, either.

GTSR - Logan Pass

Logan Pass Parking Lot

Many times when passing by here there were signs out saying the lot was full and to expect delays. They didn’t lie – but I was always able to find a place when I was persistent and circled the lot enough.  This is where you have to park to do the Hidden Lake Trail and Highline Trail (more pages on those coming soon).

waterfall near Logan Pass

Waterfall near Logan Pass

There may not have been a massive amount of water flowing due to the lack of rainfall this year, but waterfalls still always make me smile.

waterfall near Siyeh Bend

Near Siyeh Bend

I always loved this waterfall that came from so high up the mountain and flowed down to the road level.

Burnt trees alongside Going to the Sun Road

Burnt trees alongside the road

The east side showed more evidence of the wildfires that had wreaked havoc in the park that summer.  This side of the road stayed closed longer and even once it opened, most of the scenic pull-offs were roped off.  These kind of scenes always made me thankful that it wasn’t worse and that more of this gorgeous area wasn’t destroyed.

St Mary Falls 2003 - Me

Me at St. Mary Falls in 2003

I was disappointed when I first came through here in 2003 that part of the road was closed due to wildfires then, also.

But we stayed on the east side then and could only go as far as Logan Pass.  I did make the little hike to St. Mary Falls then (see 2003 page for more), but this time I never did see the place to park for it, so maybe it was closed.

I wonder how many times I’ll have to go back to Glacier to be able to see everything I want to see!

Jackson Glacier

Jackson Glacier

I was glad to see when they opened the pull-off to view Jackson Glacier, but I was shocked to read the sign that said projections are that the park’s glaciers will be gone by 2030! Only 25 remain of the 150 glaciers that were here in 1850 during the first exploration of Glacier National Park.

Waterfall on Going to the Sun Road

I really loved it when waterfalls meet the road and you can stand there and feel the spray – it was too cold to get too close!

Going to the Sun Road dusk

I also really appreciated it when my timing was so perfect that I could watch the play of light move across the mountains and light up the valley streams below.

Wizard Island

Wizard Island

Almost to St. Mary by now, there are a couple of different pull-offs to get a peek of this iconic island view.  According to BigSkyFishing.com, this is “probably the most famous photography spot in the Park.”  Their photos are great, but I must have missed that vantage point pull-0ff.  This island is also known as Wild Goose Island.

St. Mary Lake

St. Mary Lake is such a beautiful blue on a clear day.


West side of Going to the Sun Road (Apgar to The Loop)

Going to the Sun Road main page (favorite pics and basic info)

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