West Side – Going to the Sun Road

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August 2015 – This page includes pictures taken when traveling Going to the Sun Road from the west side (Apgar Village to The Loop) – about 22 miles.  See map for locations.  There is just way too much beauty on this road to limit pictures to one page, so I broke them down by West Side – East Side.  Also see my favorite photos from Going to the Sun Road (also includes general info on the road).

Me at Lake McDonald Lodge

Me at Lake McDonald Lodge

This picture was taken by a friend of mine who was visiting Glacier at the same time. I think winking-smiley-pngshe got a kick out of me freezing and took her sweet time getting this picture.  Thanks, Gail!

Glacier - McDonald Falls

McDonald Falls

Here’s another good reason not to miss stopping at all pull-offs you see alongside the road. There is a bridge here, also, with great views of these small, but gorgeous falls.

Glacier - Red Rock Overlook

Red Rocks Overlook

Appropriately named, I really enjoyed this little trail and overlook reward.

Glacier - GTSR overview

From viewpoints along the road, opportunities abound to look back on where you’ve been or where you’re headed.  Either way, the road is amazing!

GTSR - road view

No matter what time of day or where you are on this road, the views just can’t be beat.

GTSR - curvy road

There were times I held my breath when seeing how far I’d fall if I took my eye off the road, but it was well worth it.

GTSR - twilight time

Many times I wound up driving part of the way home in the dark because I just couldn’t make myself stop stopping at each viewpoint.

Heaven's Peak by the Loop on Going to the Sun Road

This is another Shuttle stop by the Loop. Not a bad view to sit and wait for a ride.


Continue on to East side (Logan Pass to St. Mary) (coming soon)

More Going to the Sun pages:  Main page (favorite pics)

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