Mileposts 100 – Natchez Trace Parkway

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mileposts 100November, 2014 – This page will take you through all the attractions I saw in the Mileposts 100 range of the beautiful Natchez Trace Parkway.

NPS maps with details on attractions for this section from Jackson to Tupelo (mileposts 108-236) and Natchez to Jackson (mileposts 1-113).

Milepost 193 – Jeff Busby Park:

I just did a quick drive-through here since I wasn’t ready to stop for the night.

Jeff Busby - Natchez Trace

It has only 18 sites and I understand it fills up quickly later in the day.  Here’s an example of one of their pull-through sites.  Map – I’m sorry I missed going up to the Little Mountain exhibit and overlook because I later heard that was a great spot.


Milepost 180 – French Camp:

French Camp - Natchez Trace

I was told not to miss eating at Council House Cafe, so I made it a point to wait for lunch until I got here.  It really was good, and I ended up sharing a table with some other Cajun folks I had met along the way, which made it all the more enjoyable for me.

French Camp graves - Natchez Trace

Even though it was sunny, it was a really cold day and a lot of the buildings were closed around the compound, but I walked around a bit and came across these beautiful old gravestones of James Drane and his wife.  I read more about it from another RVing friend, Carol, on her blog Reflections From the Fence.  The home of Colonel James Drane was built in 1846 and was moved here to the French Camp Academy grounds in 1981. Although the gravestone markers were moved here in 1991, the family was not re-interred here.


Milepost 175.6 – Cole Creek:

Cole Creek - Natchez Trace

I enjoyed this short trail through this bottomland forest.


Milepost 122 – Cypress Swamp:

Cypress Swamp - Natchez Trace

This was one of my favorite walks – maybe because  I paid attention to the invitation on the sign at the entrance:

“You are entering a realm of trees, water and reflections. Its subtle beauty and peaceful setting can soothe a tired soul. The trail is easily walked in twenty minutes, but a relaxed pace improves the likelihood of seeing wildlife. Along the way, you may experience the wonderment of discovery. Allow enough time for the magic to work.”


Milepost 103 – Timberlake Campground:

Timberlake CG - Natchez Trace

This large campground is managed by the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.  Brochure and Site Map.  It was a nice place to stay with full hookups, but it was getting pretty late in the season and weather was cold and windy, especially near the water. But I still preferred these sites since they were a little larger and not so shaded like the interior ones.


green-arrow-left  Mileposts – 200 range

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