Hike Among the City of Rocks

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City of Rocks - hike signCity of Rocks State Park

327 Hwy 61
Faywood, NM 88034
575-536-2800 (Park Office)
State Park Website

My visit: February, 2017
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All my friends know what a complete nut case I am over rocks!  I talk to them, I pat their heads, I thank them for hanging around for so long with so little appreciation from most people – I just generally find them fascinating!

I firlaughing rockst got turned on to them the very year I started fulltime RVing during a trip to the Maine coast in 2001.  Check that out at Prout’s Neck if you want to see how long this craziness has consumed me.  So needless to say, I was in high hog heaven here!

Rocks - magic doorwayThe way you can walk among these beings is like entering a magic kingdom with wonder waiting at every turn.

Rocks windowThere are windows through to the sky…

Rocks - balanced headThe shapes and balancing acts and the plants and trees that thrive among them were extra treats.

Rocks - tree

This tree was special somehow – it was just so beautiful and seemed perfectly happy and healthy growing among the hard and seemingly dead ground. I just really enjoyed this scene and it wasn’t until I downloaded the picture that I saw the Easter Island like head at the base of the tree. He looks pretty sad I think…

Rocks - Me in alcove

Sometimes I just had to crawl into one of the cozy alcoves and contemplate how lucky I am to be able to experience these kinds of things in my travels!

Rocks - Me in arch

The Park Manager, Gabriel Medrano, took this picture of me as he was showing me around, revealing petroglyphs.  See Park Overview for those treasures.

Rocks - rocking chair

I wasn’t tempted to crawl up into this precarious rocking chair, though.

Rocks - Rain pool & tent

When I got here, there was a bird taking advantage of the pool the rain made and I was sorry I had disturbed him and he flew away (more sorry I didn’t get a picture of him there).  Tents and RVs can camp among the rocks here, which I think is the coolest thing about this park! See Campground Overview for more on that.

Rocks - Spirit at entry

I really liked these narrow passageways where I could touch the walls on both sides.  Look at the different colors and textures here – how can some people say rocks are boring?!

(When I posted this to Facebook, one of my friends pointed out the “spirit” at the entrance.  I had not seen the white line on the left wall that way before, but when I did, I thought it was way cool!  Do you see it?)

Rocks kissing

Speaking of seeing things in rocks, Gabriel also showed me this Kissing Rock. There used to be a campsite here, but they could see the neck vertebrae was in danger of cracking and falling, so they closed the site. I hope this guy stays put for a good long time, though!

rocks collageYou could be here for ages playing the “that looks like….” game.  I had fun with my Facebook friends when I posted some of these and was surprised at how many different answers there were! I’m not going to spoil it for you and tell you what I know they are from my conversations with them, but you can put your perception in comments below if you want to play along.  🙂


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  • Lesleyanne Weiss

    Great description of this ‘wondermous’ place. Rocks rule!!

    • And I love you even more than before for turning me on to these totally fantabulous rocks!

      • Lesleyanne Weiss

        I wonder if, on a windy day…one could sit in an alcove or arch and hear ‘rock’ music as the wind whistled through the area? Must try that some day.

        • That day I went to say goodbye to the rocks and gave them that angel token, it was a bit windy and although I didn’t hear a song, the breeze going around them and through me made them feel even more alive. Woo-woo! 😉

  • Faith Haywood

    Oh my stars! Thank you for putting this on my list. We go gaga over rocks and formations too. Perhaps we are kindred “rock whisperers”!

    • How cool is that – kindred rock whisperers – I LOVE that! I used to think I was the only one this fascinated with rocks, so I really like hearing from people afflicted like me. 🙂 This is definitely on your must-see list, then!

      • Faith Haywood

        Minerals too. My husband makes jewelry for a living and our favorite kind is to use natural crystal formations and fossils. I thought I may have died and gone to heaven when first experiencing Garden of the Gods and Arches Nat’l Park. And they don’t scratch the surface to what awaits us!

        • That jewelry sounds great! If you’ve been to Arches, I hope you’ve also seen nearby Bryce. The hoodoos there were unbelievable – I’d never seen anything like it and I was entranced!

          • Faith Haywood

            Yes Bryce is amazing too. We took one hike in Arches and a very small one in Bryce. Not enough time. Our next trip will be at my retirement and we are hoping for 4 months and lots of hiking and “s’plorin”!

  • Mike Jones

    I had never thought of rocks like that
    before.. But makes good sense. You are so right because they can take on different character figures.
    I really enjoyed this post about the rocks.

    • This makes me very happy to hear, Mike! Thanks for letting me know!

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