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Greenleaf State Park
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Malia's Notes: on
OK State Parks

Greenleaf Marina - seen here from the pontoon boat ride that can be arranged with Steve, the Park Naturalist. Many park activities start from here - you can rent paddle boats, kayaks, canoes or motorboats. On Saturdays, watch the fun at the canoe races - free for all ages. After a nice cruise along the lake, you can grab breakfast or a burger here.
Bill, the cook on duty the day I was there, said this lake had some of the best fishing in the area. It's an especially peaceful lake, too, since no jetboats or wave runners are allowed.
Behind me is the swinging bridge found on one of the nature hikes you can enjoy in the park.
Kids' Fishing Pond, where kids 16 and under, as well as totally disabled persons, can fish free of charge. The pond is stocked with rainbow trout and each fisherman is allotted 3 fish per day with no permit required. What a great place for some good father-son bonding!
Do you think you can balance on the log roll as good as this kid? The pool is located at the entrance to Gobbler Ridge campground. On weekends when lifeguards are on duty, there is a fee per person for campers. Other times when no lifeguard is on duty, campers can use the pool for free.

The entire park has gone out of its way to provide state-of-the-art handicapped facilities - in Lakeview campground, there is a wooden raised tent pad with easy access and all of the park trails can accommodate wheelchairs. This log cabin is one of only three in the entire nation that offers a barrier-free retreat for the physically disabled. It provides a fully accessible kitchen and bathroom, a bedroom with a double bed along with a hospital bed and Hoyer lift. There's a screened-in porch, fire ring, picnic table, grill, and a graded ramp to a fishing dock on the beautiful lake. Call 918-487-5196 for the required reservations.

There are 15 other cozy stone cabins in another area of the park, as well.


Emily's Tea Room

103 N Main Street
Gore, OK 74435
(918) 489-2680

Owner: Kim Barnes

The couple seated behind me say they own a house near Tenkiller State Park, but still drive here for lunch on Saturday. I can see why - great food in a beautifully decorated setting with a quaint Victorian ambiance, all for very reasonable prices, is a hard combination to beat. I had the best egg salad sandwich ever, on fresh wheat bread made at their bakery as my choice with the High Tea lunch that includes a Devon Scone with jam and fresh whipped cream. My friendly neighbors insisted I try their signature desert - the bread pudding. I agree - don't miss it!
If you're coming to Greenleaf from I-40 to SR 10, you'll pass through the tiny town of Gore - about 8 miles from the park. Emily's is on Main Street (SR-10) on the left side of the road. There's plenty of parking for big rigs right off the road, so treat youself to High Tea and tell Kim that Malia sends her regards!
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