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Little River Zoo
Norman, OK

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Malia's Notes: on
OK State Parks

Little River Zoo was highly recommended by several locals during my stay at Lake Thunderbird. I've learned not to ignore such advice and I was very glad I visited and had a chance to meet the very special residents and attendants of this unique facility.
One of the things that makes Little River Zoo different from most other zoos is that guests are personally escorted around the refuge that serves as home to over 400 animals. Our guide, Sean, here is showing a young guest the smallest fox around.
Want to know what a baby porcupine feels like? Sean will show you!
This sweet little girl didn't look so sure about petting this guy. He's a blue-tongued skink - he really did have a blue tongue, but he kept it hidden for this picture.
This sweet little African Serval is named Toby. He is still such a baby that his tongue licking my finger didn't feel like sandpaper yet. I absolutely fell in love with him!
This cutie pie still lives in the administration office and Janet, the zoo's director, takes him and Toby home at night with her for bottle feeding. Her name is Karly and she's a Brown Capuchin monkey. With such a sweet little face, I wanted to take her home with me, too.
Of course, the cats are still my all-time favorite. This is a European Lynx named Easter. He's getting to the age where his little playful "nips" can cause deep scratches, so he is not a house guest of Janet's any longer. But he's still well cared for and makes his home in the office where he greets visitors from his cage until he's ready for his outside home. Terri, a dedicated volunteer, kindly brought him outside so I could get a good picture of him.
Malia's 2 cents: Many of these animals are abandoned pets or rescued animals that have found a home nestled in the 55 acres of this sanctuary. They are obviously well loved and cared for and I particularly appreciate their goal: "...Teaching visitors about compassion, hope, and respect for all living things. Every visitor receives a personally guided tour, one that provides not just the facts about the animals, but who they are, where they came from, and the differences in their personalities. You and your family will enjoy a personal and up-close look at the animals that live here. We want you to be a part of their lives, and to experience them in as many ways as are safe and possible." You gotta love that, so go by and support their efforts when you're enjoying the beautiful Lake Thunderbird State Park and tell them Malia sends her regards.

Location: 8/10 mile south of State Highway 9 on 120th Ave. SE
Phone: 405-366-7229
If you're not staying in the area and just passing through on SH 9, there is a parking area large enough for RV's to park and turn around. It may be best to call ahead to make sure the lot is not full due to some special event, but normally you'd have no problem.

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