I’ve been asked why I have spent so much time in Oregon after I started fulltime RVing in 2001. Besides the fact that it is an incredibly beautiful state with tons of stuff to see, as often happens in RVing life, things happen to change even best-laid plans.

Crater Lake - Me

Me at Crater Lake – 2005

The first period was in 2002-2003 when I was still taking temp legal assistant jobs to support my travel habit.  Those pages were done on my first website (Malia’s RV a/k/a Inspiration’s Journey).  I had only intended to be there during the summer, but once I met someone there on the way back from Alaska and saw their pictures, I knew I just had to go there.  So I ended up staying in the Portland area through the winter of 2002 before heading to Alaska in 2003.

An unforeseen series of events led me back to Oregon in 2004-2005, and those pages are mostly on the new site I started after that, Malia’s Miles.

Even now, I’ve often said that if I had to give up RVing, I would settle in Southern Oregon, probably somewhere in Grants Pass area since that seemed to have the best weather.  I absolutely loved Portland and the Columbia River Gorge area, but the dreary weather through the winter made me decide I wouldn’t do that again.

Whether I ever settle here or not, I hope to get back for another visit to Oregon while I’m still RVing because I know for sure I did not see enough of it!

Note:  Since these pages were done in the old html format before I switched over to WordPress, those pages will open in a separate window until I get them all reformatted.  And older pages were still done on my first website journal when I first started RVing, so that’s why pages are from two separate websites.

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