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Armitage campground site map

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90064 Coburg Road ♦ Eugene, OR
541-357-5481 ♦ Website ♦ Site Map
Dates of my stay:  Oct. 24 – Nov. 3, 2015

Built in 2009 and is open year round. 32 standard RV sites that are at least 58′ long and 15′ wide, as well as two group sites that accommodate two RVs, all with fire pits and picnic tables, 20/30/50 amp full hookups, including cable and wi-fi, (however, see notes below for reception issues at some sites).

Armitage campground site 2

After passing the registration kiosk and first host site, road curves around to the first set of sites. One of the pull-through sites (#2) is on the left.

Armitage campground site 1

On the right, you passed Site #1, shown here.  The campers here told me they were able to get a signal from their rooftop Dish satellite.

Armitage - Me in site 3

Here I am next door in Site #3.  I was glad I was able to position my motorhome more to the front and side than I normally would in order to get a signal from my rooftop DirecTV dish and still had room in the front for my car.

Armitage - site 4 onward

Continuing down the road, there is another pull-through site (#4) on the left and further on, Sites #6 and #8 are also pull-throughs.

Armitage - bathrooms

Passing the first set of bathrooms on the right.  They could stand to replace the toilet seats which look pretty old, but they were always clean when I checked.

Armitage Site 10

Coming to the next curve in the road, Site #10 on the left is a long back-in.

Armitage Site 15

On the other side of the road, Site #15 is the last pull-through.

Armitage - Site 18

Site #18 – signs here point the way to another building containing restrooms, showers and laundry.

Armitage - showers & laundry

This building is larger, newer and more modern than the one we passed earlier (constructed in 2014).  The facilities here are family style – you have the restroom and shower, as well as a baby changing station all in one room with lock for privacy.  There are four rooms like this and it looked like a great setup for getting the kids showered or even if it’s just you, it’s not as crowded feeling as the cramped showers you usually see. There are measures for water conservation, however.  You press the button for a nine minute shower, then it cuts off for two minutes before you can press it again for more time.

There is also an ADA equipped shower with adjustable shower head and bench.

The laundry facility has three each washers and dryers (machines looked really new and in great shape).  Vending machines with snacks and drinks were on the way.

Armitage - Site 27

The last row of sites, showing #26 on the left.  The road from here provides access to the Day Use area or exit.

Armitage Group A

Group Site A

The group sites, shown on the Site Map as Sites A and B, are designed for two RVs to be side by side with doors facing each other.  See how the utility poles are located to accommodate this.


Reservations:  Click to make online or call (541) 682-2000.  Must be made at least 3 days in advance of arrival and there is an extra $10 fee to reserve.  Their reservations page is one of the best I’ve seen – it gives details on individual sites with info on satellite reception, wi-fi, shade, distance to restrooms, as well as dimensions and pictures.  You can call the park directly at 541-357-5481 if you want to come in the same day.

Walk-ins okay if sites are available.  There are instructions at the kiosk at the front of the campground.

Rates:  As of October, 2015, $30 for back-in sites and $33 for pull-throughs; $75 for the group sites (that accommodate two RVs each).

Other Fees:  There is a $7.00 per extra vehicle fee for more than two vehicles. A towed car does not count as an extra vehicle.

Other Facilities:    Volleyball, horseshoe pit, boat ramp.

Security:  This is the headquarters for the maintenance staff, and rangers patrol and/or inspect on a daily basis, plus there are two hosts and a caretaker lives on site.

Directions:  My Garmin GPS had no problem finding the address as listed, but it told me it was located on the opposite side of the road from where the entrance really is, so watch out for that.



I realize this is subjective stuff and what bothers some people, others won’t have a problem with, and vice versa. As a fulltime RVer, I like things that weekend campers can do without. But, based on my own observations and/or comments from others, here goes:

button-pro  Pros:

A full service park in a very convenient location close to all kinds of good stuff in and around Eugene, but still feels like a more country setting.

Roads are in great condition and easy to maneuver around the entire campground.

Site pads are all flat, paved, plenty long and wide enough for big rigs, with good amount of space between sites.

button-con  Cons:

Highway noise is noticeable, especially during morning and afternoon rush hours, but not obnoxious usually.

Wi-fi is not good at all sites.  See below for more info.

satelliteSatellite TV:  In Site 3, I had to position my motorhome more toward the front and one side than I normally would in order to get a signal with my rooftop DirecTV satellite.  Due to the direction, it looked like all of the pull-through sites would have no problem getting a signal.  When checking site availability, the reservations system does provide info on satellite reception of each site.

Cable TV service with over 60 stations provided free worked fine.

Internet/Wi-Fi/Cell Phone: Wi-fi is free and while the website says it’s available throughout the park, I was told that in reality, only sites 1-18 get good reception, sites 19-23 get good-fair coverage, and after that, no service.  This information is provided in the reservations system under individual sites.  I was able to connect from Site #3.  See News for planned improvements in that regard by the end of next month (November, 2015) on Park Overview page.


Pet Friendly: No extra charge for pets. Within campground, dogs must be on leash no longer than 6′ and their messes cleaned up.  Dog lovers will really appreciate the off-leash dog park near the park entrance that lets dogs play off-leash in a safe environment.  See info on Dean Grossman Off-Leash Dog Park on Park Overview page.

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two-centsMalia’s 2 Cents:  I really enjoyed my stay here and thought it was the perfect location for exploring the cute town of Eugene.  Even though there were some nice big beautiful mature trees, it was so easy to get around the campground without hearing that dreaded scraping sound along the sides from untrimmed branches encroaching onto the roadway.  Since the campground is relatively new, it was built with bigger rigs in mind than you normally find in state and county parks these days.  I appreciated the generous landscaped space between sites, too.

Your Two Cents?  The only way I know if the reviews and research I present are helpful to you is if I hear from you.  I sure would appreciate your feedback in Comments below.

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