Mt. Ashland – Ashland, OR

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2017: I’m finally updating more of my old html pages to the new WordPress format and am working on my first visits to Oregon when I started RVing. I’m trying to get caught up because I am planning a return visit later this year, but will be updating these pages during my next stay. But in looking back at these memories, even if the picture quality isn’t as good as I can do today, I’ll probably keep the older ones because who knows if when I visit again there will be snow on the ground? I love being able to visit beautiful places like this in different seasons!


2005 visit: The first time I drove up to Mt. Ashland, I really knew nothing about it except that it was a place to ski. Since I’m not a skiier, I almost passed on the trip, but the drive was so pretty that I’m so glad I didn’t miss it. I stopped several times just to listen to the exquisite silence of the snow covered forest on the side of the road.


My first visit was in late January on a bright sunny day. It’s only about 8 miles off I-5 down Mt. Ashland Road, but I drove slowly because the roads were still just a little slick in places. I know this is not so impressive to my nor’east friends, but I just ooh’d and aah’d all the way at the sight of the glistening snow outlining the green trees.


At the top, I really enjoyed watching the skiers from the lodge as I sipped on a warm, frothy latte.


A view coming back down the mountain – that’s Mt. Shasta looming in the distance.

MtAshland-Shasta View 1

I had no idea when I started out that such views of Mt. Shasta were to be found everywhere on this road!

MtAshland-Shasta View 3

He looked a little different from each viewpoint, but always seemed to be just floating in the clouds, the undisputed king of the realm!

MtAshland-Shasta View 2

As you can tell, I never tired of stopping and seeing what he looked like from the next pulloff.

MtAshland-Shasta View 4

Whether framed by trees or more exposed, he was quite the sight to see!


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