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During my January – April, 2005 visit to the Ashland area, I stayed at Holiday RV Park in nearby Phoenix.  It was certainly convenient enough to many area attractions and I really came to love the Parducci family and their attitude toward the park they manage. I did drive through a few others and share that info below. I intend to get updated pics and info on all of these during my next planned trip there in late 2017.

If you click on some pictures below, you’ll get a larger version in separate window.

Holiday RV Park

201 North Phoenix Road (I-5 exit 24 between Ashland and Medford)
Phoenix, OR 97535  ♦ 
541-535-2183 or 800-452-7970

Holiday - river sitesHoliday - overviewHoliday - meDriving south on I-5, when you see the sign for Holiday RV Park, you’ll see RVs right on the highway. These are all units being stored, so don’t think you’ll get stuck in these kind of sites overnight. The occupied sites are set back more and buffered from the sights and sounds of the highway.

It also has frontage on Bear Creek, and whenever I can get near a body of water, I’m happy.

These pictures were taken in January, 2005, so the trees were bare enough to see a better overview of the park.

I still had my first Itasca motorhome, “Inspiration” when I was here and it’s always fun to relive fond memories in her. She and I felt like family here and I especially appreciated the delicious homemade cookies Joyce treated the campers with!

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Below are simply my  impressions of the following parks as I was trying to decide where to stay in the area. Their names are links to their websites, if they have one. Since my 2005 visit, somehow I lost some of the full size photos of some parks below, but I’ll be updating this page anyway when I return in 2017.

Glenyan RV Park

5310 Highway 66 ♦ Ashland, OR  ♦  877-453-6926

Glenyan RV ParkI had decided against staying here when I was doing my research mostly because the owner said it was so heavily treed that some people couldn’t even get cell phone service, much less satellite TV. I drove through there in February and it looked like a pretty nice place, but I was already settled and happy where I was at Holiday RV Park.

Glenyan was the closest park to the town of Ashland and also close to Emigrant Lake Park, a really nice Jackson County park.

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Pear Tree Motel & RV Park

300 Pear Tree Lane (I-5 Exit 24) ♦ Phoenix, OR  ♦ 541-535-4445

Pear Tree RV Park signHere you can see how close the RVs are to I-5. That’s a truck coming north you can see on the highway between the sign and the streetlamp. One good thing: guests can use the heated pool and spa.

Choosing between Holiday and Pear Tree being right across the highway from each other, Holiday sites are further back and better buffered from the noise. Plus, they had free wi-fi, which Pear tree didn’t.

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American RV Resort

405 W. Valley View Rd. ♦ Talent, OR ♦ 541-535-6632

American RV ParkThe “resort” part of the name of American RV must be the best stretch of that word I’ve heard.

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Medford Oaks RV Park & Campground

(14 mi. from Medford; about 24 miles NE of Ashland)
7049 Hwy. 140 ♦ Eagle Point, OR ♦ 541-826-5103

Medford Oaks 1Medford Oaks 2I found these pictures when I was going through my 2005 visit, so I obviously drove through there, but I didn’t write down any impressions then.

I think maybe it felt too far out from where I wanted to be at the time, but I’ll check it out again when I’m back in 2017.

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Medford – Gold Hill KOA

(between Medford and Grants Pass; about 25 miles north of Ashland)
12297 Blackwell Road ♦ Central Point, OR ♦ 541-855-7710

KOA-Medford 1 This is another park I drove through but didn’t make any notes at the time. In general, I find KOAs to be too “cookie cutter” and I avoid them, but this looks ok to me in the sense of it having more of an out in the country feel, even if the sites are typically tight.

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I’m always looking for info and feedback on RV parks in this area, so if you have anything to share, please do in Comments below – I’d love to hear from you!










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