Cape Lookout State Park – Beach Scenes

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Cape Lookout - beach sign

13000 Whiskey Creek Road
Tillamook, OR  97141


45°22′ 00.6″ N
123°57′ 43.7″ W

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Cape Lookout beach arrival

October 5-11, 2015 – Can you tell I’m a tad bit excited to be on the Oregon Coast again?  It’s hard to believe it had been 10 years since I’d been in Oregon, as well as the last time I’d been on a beach!  (2005 drive down the coast with my mom on

Cape Lookout beach scene

What’s not to like about hanging out on the beach with sights like this?  This was my favorite view while beach walking: Three Arch Rocks National Wildlife Refuge.

Cape Lookout sunset 1

And I guarantee you won’t find prettier sunsets anywhere!

I had to capture the sounds of the surf in order to fully convey the experience.  This has just got to be one of the most soothing sounds on earth!

Cape Lookout sunset 2

Even after the sun dropped below the horizon, the colors remained and I loved how they were reflected in the ripples on the sand.

Cape Lookout Sunset campfire

Campfire on the beach at sunset – ahhhh!


Day Use Area:

Cape Lookout - Day Use Sunset

The day use area is down the road from the campground entrance, but you can walk there on the beach.  There are picnic tables, a covered pavilion for rent and one of the starts of the North Trail.  There is a $5 fee to use this area.

Cape Lookout Cabins

Cabins are up the hill with gorgeous views of the beach.


Cape Lookout camping sign

Go to separate campground page

My review includes details on all campground loops, Pros/Cons, other reviews, etc.



Nearby attractions I visited:

Cape Meares State Scenic ViewpointCape Meares Fresnel Lens (Lighthouse and easy, neat trails to old, huge spruce trees)

Cape Kiwanda Pelican Pub & Brewery

Cape Kiwanda – I waited for this sunset sipping a microbrew beachside and it turned out to be one of my favorite sunsets ever.

Oceanside Tunnel and Three Arch Rocks National Wildlife Refuge Oceanside tunnel view 2– How cool that you can walk through a little tunnel to get to beach views like this!

Cape Lookout Hike – Well, I really wanted to do this hike, but unfortunately, my schedule and the weather didn’t cooperate.  I heard there is an amazing view from here that extends to Cape Foulweather and a plaque to a B-17 bomber that crashed into the cape in WWII, just a part of the rich history of the Pacific Coast.

Tillamook Cheese FactoryTillamook cheese sign – Cheese is food of the gods in my opinion and this is the place for you if you agree.  Have lunch, tour the factory where you can watch the process of making cheese and buy all the varieties they make, and don’t forget the wonderful ice cream for dessert.  Good size parking area for RVs.


linksOregon Coast Lighthouses

Three Capes Scenic Route: Along with Cape Kiwanda and Cape Meares, Cape Lookout is part of this 40 mile Scenic Byway.  It’s not really a loop anymore since the road is closed on the Cape Meares side right past here and is unknown when it will be reopened.

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