Carl Washburne State Park – Beach

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Washburne Beach Sign

93111 Highway 101 North
Florence, OR  97439

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I had heard this is one of the lesser known, but one of the most expansive and beautiful beaches on the Oregon Coast.  That was enough to convince me to spend a few days at the campground to give me a chance to really check it out.  See my campground review here.

Washburne driftwood

I love a beach with interesting features like driftwood and there was a good amount of that here.

Washburne tide

Looking down the beach in the other direction, it was fascinating to watch the seagulls seem to play in the tide.

Washburne seagull flying

I don’t think you could ever get bored here just watching the changing light and movement of the water on the sand and the beautiful patterns made.

Washburne foggy shore

I was really fascinated by this strip of fog that lingered on this shore the whole time I was there, where it was clear everywhere else.

Washburne driftwood 2

I must mention again how much I loved the diverse patterns and shapes of the driftwood and the shifting sands.  A girl I met here had a prize she picked up of a wonderfully shaped piece that even had a perfect sized hole that she was going to use for a planter.

You can drive to the day use area that is across Hwy. 101 from the campground and access the beach that way, but I really recommend the path you can take from the campground to get here.

Washburne beach path 1

It’s an easy and level 1/2 mile path that is shaded with beautiful trees and foliage to keep you company and capture your attention along the way.

Washburne beach path sunbeam

This was my favorite spot when sunbeams came out to play and I felt like I was being especially blessed in this little journey.

Washburne beach path bridge

Here you go under the bridge across Hwy. 101 to continue on your way.  China Creek gurgles nicely on the side here to add pleasant sound effects.

Washburne beach path trees

The shapes and textures of the mossy trees here made me feel like I had entered an enchanted forest.

Washburne beach path shady trees

This is my favorite color in nature – so soothing to every one of my senses.

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