Columbia River Gorge

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The first time I saw the Columbia River Gorge during my first Oregon visit in 2002, I couldn’t believe I had never even heard of this amazing place before then.  It was one of the big reasons I ended up enjoying my long stay in the Portland area since I could just never get enough of it.

I-84 Mt Hood view

Not long after getting on this highway again in September, 2015, this view of Mt. Hood (hastily taken through my motorhome window), erased any doubts I had about coming this way again and I was just as excited as seeing it for the first time.

I-84 Columbia River Gorge Highway

Looking down on it from adjacent Historic Highway 30, this section of IH-84 has to be one of the most beautiful interstates in America.

I-84 & train - Columbia River Gorge

Seen here from a vantage point on the Historic Columbia River Highway Trail (going to Mosier Twin Tunnels), you can see it winding around the hills at the top and a train on the adjacent train tracks.

Bridges are always fascinating to me and here are a few of my favorites connecting Oregon and Washington along the gorge:

The Dalles bridge

The Dalles Bridge

Hood River Bridge

Hood River Bridge

Bridge of the Gods

Bridge of the Gods

Bridge of the Gods old muralThis was the first bridge constructed across the Columbia River, completed in 1926.  Following a landslide, the legend and name came from Native American lore having to do (of course) with a love rivalry for the love of a beautiful Indian maiden, with the “moral of the story” warning of the dangers of jealousy and the consequences of violence and rage.

I stayed at Memaloose State Park for exploration this year, and I have to say, I still couldn’t get enough of the many scenic viewpoints and activities available here.

Columbia River Highway map - 525

Columbia River Gorge Scenic Highway on the Oregon side from Troutdale to The Dalles (about 80 miles).  I-84 is shown alongside the Columbia River and the sections of Historic Highway 30 accessible from I-84 is shown in outlined in red (Corbett to Horsetail Falls and Mosier to The Dalles).


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