Rim Drive – Crater Lake

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2017: I’m updating more of my old html pages to the new WordPress format and am working on my first visits to Oregon when I started RVing. I’m trying to get caught up because I am planning a return visit later this year, but will be updating these pages during my next stay. But in looking back at these memories, even if the picture quality isn’t as good as I can do today, I’ll keep these older ones because I think next time I end up back here, it will be a different season, and I just love getting to see it in more than one! Next time, I want to do more trails, and I want to do the boat ride to Wizard Island! I heard the 1.1 mile hike to get there is the steepest in the park, so I better not wait too long since I’m not getting any younger!

Crater Lake - me on rim

July, 2005 visit: When I first made it to Crater Lake, it was in February, so a bunch of snow around was not really surprising to me (see Crater Lake page for that).  When I came back in July to do the entire Rim Drive, the weather was a lot warmer, so it was easier to stop at every pull-off to see every vantage point.

Rim Drive - Snow

But I was sure surprised at how much snow was still piled on the side of the road then!

Rim Drive 1

You can drive all around this amazing lake and each viewpoint offers a different glimpse that makes you glad you stopped there. Some of the pulloffs have trails that you can walk around for even more close up and personal views.

Rim Drive - Wizard Island

Here’s Wizard Island as seen from the Visitor’s Center side.

Rim Drive - Wizard Island 2

Here it is from the other side. There are colorful pools formed around the island of ever changing tones of blues and greens.

Rim Drive - Boat on Crater Lake

There are boat trips that will take you to the island, but you need to hike about a mile to get to the launch.  (NPS Info).  This is on my must-do list when I return!

Rim Drive - Shipwreck Rock

This is an island named Shipwreck Rock. This was a gorgeous viewpoint, but I remember it was swarming with mosquitoes, so I couldn’t stay long.

Rim Drive - Tree

There were lots of other interesting rock outcroppings and twisted trees to play games with, like “that one looks like…”

Rim Drive - Vidae Falls

But Crater Lake is not the only attraction along this beautiful drive. I really enjoyed these falls and already can’t wait to return!

Crater Lake - Rim Drive Map

Rim Drive Map from NPS Plan Your Visit

Links to More Rim Drive Info:

Crater Lake Rim Drive (Crater Lake Institute) – The 33-mile Rim Drive has more than 20 scenic overlooks. From mid-October until mid-June, the north entrance and Rim Drive are closed to the public due to deep snow and ice buildups along the road. Rim Drive around the east side of the lake can be closed earlier than mid-October and may not open until July.

West or East Rim Drive? (Fodor’s) – Q&A about best times to visit and differences between the entrances and east or west rim drives.

All Trails – This route will take you on a drive around the 33 mile Crater Lake Rim Road stopping at the best viewpoints in Crater Lake National Park along the way.

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