Honeyman State Park – Overview

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Honeyman main entrance

84505 Hwy. 101 South Florence, OR  97439

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Date of my visit: October 16-23, 2015 – This is such a large and diverse park, I couldn’t get to everything I wanted to see during my stay at the campground, but besides my first ride ever on an ATV on the incredible dunes here, here are some other highlights.  There are two freshwater lakes within the park boundaries: Cleawox Lake (same side of highway) and Woahink Lake (on the opposite side of Hwy. 101).

Honeyman - Lake Cleawok 1

Cleawox Lake can be accessed by a trail from the campground or by driving from the entrance, taking the road to the right for the day use area.

Honeyman - Lake Cleawok 2

This boardwalk is from the Sand Dunes Trail via the campground.  The sign warns that the sand is unstable and not to dig or tunnel on the dunes, but you can walk up to the top from here. And let me just say, that’s a lot harder than it looks!  ATVs are not allowed in this area of the dunes.

Cleawox Lake bath house

Cleawox Lake’s stone and log bathhouse was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in 1938.  You can rent paddle boats, canoes and kayaks here and there is a swimming dock.  You can fish here, too – the lake is stocked with rainbow trout.

Cleawox kitchen shelter

This historic kitchen shelter was originally built by the CCC in 1937 and can be reserved for your picnic at the lake.

Honeyman - Lake Cleawox 3

View from the dunes looking at the shore of the bathhouse and boat rental dock on the left.  The fishing dock is seen on the bank on the right.

Woahink Lake picnic

Woahink LakeLocated across Hwy. 101 from the main entrance to Honeyman State Park.  There are two parking areas (East and West) and both have room for RV parking, but bigger spots are located on the east side, where there is also a boat ramp and boat trailer parking.  Both sides have picnic area, shelter and restrooms.

Woahink Lake swimming

Swimming holes are unsupervised.  The water and surrounding trees are supposed to be excellent for bird watching and wildlife viewing, so be on the lookout for mink, beaver, muskrat and maybe a migrating river otter.

Honeyman CG signCheck out the Campground (Malia’s Miles Review)

atv flag

Come along for my first ride on the dunes here in an ATV!

Day Use Fees – Be sure to display your current state park camping receipt on your dashboard since this also entitles you to day use parking.

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