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First, I want to say I’d much rather share all the fun stuff and great times that RVing can bring, but occasionally an RV related company or service is so bad, I feel compelled to warn my friends to save them the time, aggravation or money it cost me.  Even though I finally got my money back for a defective product they sold, the attitude of the manager was so ridiculous, I couldn’t just let it go.  If he had at least been courteous, it would have been a different story, but his hanging up on me was the icing on the cake.  I now wouldn’t so much as buy a simple paper clip from this company:

Kamper Korner
7700 Old Hwy. 99 North; Roseburg, OR 97470; (541) 673-1258

Posted on Yelp 11/16/15:

In order to be as fair as I can be, I’ll start off by saying they finally did the right thing and let me return the defective item I bought from them. But, regardless, the way it was handled was so appalling to me, I still want to relate my story and let you decide if you would want to do business with this company or not.

I bought the Sturgi-Safe brand of an extension kit to hook up an external propane tank to my motorhome from them on Thursday. An RVer friend who had hooked up a similar system on his motorhome hooked it up for me. Although the brass tee port would let propane through from the main tank to the motorhome, propane would not come through the valve from the smaller external tank. Through troubleshooting, including connecting all to his motorhome, he concluded that the small valve was defective. I called the manufacturer and described what was done to see if there was something missed or that we could try differently, and he said that it is extremely rare that these are defective, but it could happen.


In the picture above, the defective valve is the smaller uncovered one. The one that’s covered with the blue tip is for an optional hookup to a bbq grill, etc.  The other side is where it hooks up to the motorhome/propane tank connection.

I figured at that point I could return it to Kamper Korner, but wondered whether to get another of the same brand from them or just return it for a refund. When I talked to Kristin there, she said it could take 4-5 days to get another one. When I told her I might run out of propane by then and could get the same brand that worked for my friend from Amazon sooner, Wade (the manager), got on the phone and said that the warranty came from the manufacturer. They would replace the defective one once another one came in, but they would not refund my money.

When I said I expected Kamper Korner to stand behind the products they sell and it should be up to them to get their money back from Sturgi for the defective product, he said that’s not the way they worked. I was not rude, yelling or cursing, but I told him I would be sure to let my RVer friends know about the way they conducted their business. He then said the part may get here sooner, but if I was going to threaten him, he would just hang up on me and that would conclude our business! I was pretty shocked at that, but just said to let me know for sure how long it would take to get a replacement.

When Kristin called back, she said the soonest the new one could get here would be Thursday. She said I could upgrade to a different brand that would arrive sooner, but that was priced higher at $91.95 vs. the $58.00 I paid for the Sturgi.

I said that made no sense when I could order the Camco brand I knew worked for my friend from Amazon for less money and it would take the same amount of time to get. Wade got back on the phone and said those were my options and take it or leave it, but Kamper Korner would not refund my money. If I returned it to the store, they would package it up and return it to Sturgi and once they got their money back, they would give me the refund. But he said Sturgi takes a while and this process could take 30-90 days. When I said I no longer had confidence in Sturgi products or Kamper Korner, he hung up on me!

Buyer-BewareBy that time, I figured I could return the product and file a complaint with my credit card company to get my money back. By the time I got there, though, Kristin said they had decided to just refund my money. Maybe Wade figured out that I would get my refund from the credit card company, but in any case, the ridiculous way he handled this has still left me upset enough to want to warn my fellow RVers about doing business with this company. Let the buyer beware.

11/19/15 Update:  I ordered the Camco kit from Amazon and my friend, Jimmy, installed it today.  It worked perfectly immediately, so there’s no doubt the Sturgi deal was defective.

Camco 5' & 12' hose

Camco 5′ & 12′ hose

I ordered this Propane Brass Tee with 5’ and 12’ hoses because I honestly wasn’t sure how long a hose I needed.

But it turned out I didn’t need the extra hose and I could have done with just the Propane Brass Tee with 5’ hose for about $20 less.

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