Portland Rose Garden

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Portland Rose Garden entrance

Portland International Rose Test Garden

400 SW Kingston Ave. ♦ Portland, OR ♦ 503-823-3636

Oct. 1, 2015 – There’s no better place than here to understand why Portland is nicknamed the City of Roses.  At the entrance you get a view of the city skyline with Mt. Hood as a backdrop.  This is just the start of the treats to be found here, all delightful to see and smell.

Portland Rose Garden - Me & Judy

It was especially cool since I was able to share this day with my good friend, Judy, another solo woman RVer – I always have fun when our paths cross!

Me & Judy smelling roses

We took pictures of each other of the dozens of times we stopped to smell the intoxicating roses.  It also cracked us up that we both wound up wearing purple tops and white jackets that day – promise we didn’t plan it that way!

Portland Rose Garden path 1

Many paths to explore with row upon row of roses – good luck trying to say which color is the prettiest!

Portland Rose Garden colors

Unbelievable shades of purples, pinks, reds, yellows, whites set among gorgeous greenery.

Portland Rose Garden varigated

The variegated colors in different stages of growth were fascinating to me – there’s just something inspiring about the tight little dark buds that burst forth in varied colors as they reach full bloom.

Collage - pink & yellow

The contrast of the hot pink and the cool yellows were wonderful to behold.  Of course, this Texas gal had to salute the yellow rose!

Portland Rose Garden blush

This blushing beauty with cream and salmon tinges was one of my favorites.

rose collage 2

Wonderful and wondrous!

rose collage pink

These purplish/pink samples reminded me of Victorian colors – a bit of a faded look but still glorious.

Portland Rose Garden path 2

Some of the paved paths are lined with old fashioned street lights that add to the ambiance when they turn on at dusk.

Portland Rose Garden trees

The trees add majesty and other colorful bushes in the background emphasized the diverse beauty here.

Portland Rose Garden steps

The paths are easy, but there are also some steps leading to different areas of the garden.  Some parts, like the Shakespeare Garden, was originally intended to include only herbs, trees and flowers mentioned in his plays and now include roses named after characters in his plays.

Portland Rose Garden gazebo 1

Architectural features like gazebos popping up are always welcome.

Portland Rose Garden fountain

The sound of trickling fountains also added to the peaceful feel and pleasant sensations.

Portland Rose Garden fairy

And of course fairies must live among all this beauty. We really enjoyed seeing this little precious being flitting among the flowers.

Portland Rose Garden statue

We also enjoyed the greeting from this dapper gentleman!  A nearby sign explains that the Royal Rosarians have served as the Official Greeters and Ambassadors of Goodwill for the City of Portland since 1912.  They have traveled worldwide spreading the slogan, “For you a rose in Portland grows.”  I will always remember this.

In a Garden poem

I couldn’t agree more:

In A Garden

The kiss of the sun for pardon,
the song of the birds for mirth,
one is nearer God’s heart in a garden
than anywhere else on earth.”

Dorothy Gurney

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