Sandy Riverfront RV Resort

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Sandy Riverfront RV Park sign


1097 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy.

Troutdale, OR 97060


113 paved full hookup sites

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“Gateway to the Columbia Gorge”


Sept., 2015:  My first stay here was several months long in 2002-2003 (see “Troutdale Times” for those old days.  I was so happy to find it back then and just as happy to see it still around and even better when I was next in the area in 2015.  It’s a perfect location for exploring Portland (17 miles) and is at the gateway to the west end of the Columbia River Gorge – someplace I never could get enough of!

Sandy Riverfront Community Center

This was the entrance during my first stay and now it is the Community Center.  The sign here invites guests to an upcoming complimentary Continental Breakfast and I like it when parks do things like this for their guests.  The new office and entrance is on the other end now off of Historic U.S. 30 (a/k/a Historic Columbia River Highway).

Sandy Riverfront site 202

Here I am all set up in Site 202.  I really like how they have the car pads beside the RV pad – that gave me lots of room to maneuver more to the front of the site to get a clear view through the trees so I could still get my DirecTV from my rooftop dish.

Sandy Riverfront Beaver Creek

This is my backyard on the Beaver Creek side of the park.

Sandy Riverfront RV - back yards

Looking further away from the front entrance on this side, I appreciated the lush green grass maintained even with the drought conditions in this area lately.

Site 203

This shows the row starting with my motorhome in Site 202.

Site 188 onward

Looking back the other way, toward the front entrance, Site 188 onward.

Site 160 - pull through

Middle rows are all long pull throughs (at least 60′) – Site 160 seen empty here.

Site 154 onward

Another row of pull throughs on the left, starting with site 154 looking toward the front entrance.

Site 150 on

Looking from Site 150 on the left, showing Site 214 in the middle, and the sites backing up to the Sandy River on the right.

Site 111 onward

On the left are sites 111 onward looking toward the front.

Sites 101-108

Sites 101-108 backing up to the Sandy River.

Sandy River bank-bridge

The Sandy River lives up to its name here – there is a sandy bank where you can swim, fish (with a license), feed the ducks or just enjoy the views (RV sites on the left bank and the Sandy River railroad bridge on the right).

Sandy River Bridge

Looking in the other direction, here’s the Sandy River Troutdale Bridge.

Speaking of that bridge and the railroad bridge shown above, if you don’t want to encounter them in your RV, be sure to pay attention to Directions Issues below.


Directions Issues:  I was coming west on I-84 and GPS and Google Maps both told me to take Exit 18.  Don’t listen to that!  Make sure to follow directions provided on website and use Exit 17 when coming from either direction.  After that, using the street address above, it took me right to the correct entrance, directly across from the Glenn Otto Community Park mentioned above.

Low Bridges - Sandy River

Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with these bridges after going under a tight looking overpass after exiting the highway.

The Sandy River Railroad Bridge (top photo) is listed as 13’10” clearance.

After that, you’ll have to make a pretty tight turn to get on the Troutdale Sandy River Bridge shown at bottom.  Since there are no height signs (only a 30 ton limit sign), I assume there’s at least 14′ clearance, but I still think I’d rather avoid this entire route.


Readers have asked for short recaps of pros and cons about the parks I visit. I realize this is subjective stuff and what bothers some people, others won’t have a problem with, and vice versa. As a fulltime RVer, I like things that weekend campers can do without. But, based on my own observations and/or comments from others, here goes:

button-pro  Pros:

Great location close to Portland and at the western end of the incomparable Columbia River Gorge and within walking distance to Troutdale with shopping and dining opportunities.  Convenient to Columbia Gorge Premium Outlets.  And remember, no sales tax in Oregon!

Nice sized, long sites – choose from backing up to the Sandy River or Beaver Creek, or choose the long, pull through sites in the middle.

Very well kept and immaculately clean park.

button-con  Cons:

I did hear the train noise from the nearby tracks and sometimes a little highway noise from Historic US-30 on the other side, but it wasn’t so bad as to be a deal-breaker on my returning here.

No store or supplies on site.  (However, shopping in Troutdale within a couple of blocks.)

I had not thought of this since I always use my own facilities when I have full hookups, but a friend with a smaller RV does use the restrooms/showers and she thought that having only one location at one end was not convenient when you are on the far end (she doesn’t have a tow vehicle, either).  This was a common complaint on other reviews I saw, also, so if this is an issue for you, try to book a site at that end.


Pet Friendly: No extra charge for pets. There is one designated pet area that is grassy and at the front and dogs are allowed on the Sandy River beachside; owners must clean up after pets and dogs must be leashed at all times.   Dog pens are allowed outside the RV.   Restrictions: Dogs to a maximum of 75 lbs are welcomed (due to insurance issues and safety concerns, Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Doberman Pincher, German Shepherd of any size which are prohibited).

kid-campfireKid Friendly: No playground, but there is a basketball 1/2 court near the Community Center. Swimming is allowed in the Sandy River, but note there are no lifeguards.  There is a playground right across the street at the Glenn Otto Community Park.

satelliteSatellite TV:  I was in site #202 on the Beaver Creek side and at first I could not get a signal with my rooftop DirecTV satellite when I parked in the very back of the site due to the trees.  But once I pulled up to the front a little bit, no problem.  The pull-through sites in the middle are very open and would definitely be the best bet, but don’t rule out the water sites if you have some flexibility in positioning.

Cable TV is included with 31 channels, including HBO (due to Comcast restrictions, a box is required for service that must hook up directly to the TV – it will not work in the usual way by hooking up cable to RV connection in bins).  There is a refundable $50 deposit for box required.  I didn’t try to hook up since it’s difficult for me to get to the back of my TVs and I was able to get my DirecTV satellite reception anyway.  I was also able to get several local TV channels via regular antenna.


Internet/Wi-Fi/Cell Phone: I had great reception on both my Verizon Jetpack and cell phone.  I did check out the Tengo Internet provided here and found it a lot slower than my own 4G.  I was really close to the office, and I’m not sure if the connection gets weaker the farther from the office or what, but my friend who was a few sites down from me said she thought it was pretty bad and kept dropping the signal.  I saw the same comments on other review sites as well.

Luanna - Event Director

Luanna – Event Director

Other Amenities (no charge): Meet Luanna, Event Director, hosting the breakfast provided by the park on the first Sunday of every month. This time it was Continental style but she says she sometimes does sausage and biscuits with gravy or whatever sounds good to her at the time. She was also gearing up for the Halloween get together and the Dress Up Your Dog event.  Sounds like fun!  The Community Center shown here also has a kitchen and can be reserved in advance.

RV washing is allowed at your site at no extra charge.  I saw an RV detail service working there during my stay, also.

Other Services: Propane tanks filled in park on Saturday mornings and you can also get your built-in motorhome tanks filled – they will come to your site.  Laundry room (buy tokens at office – does not take coins), RV storage at separate location, Community Center (kitchen may be reserved for groups).


two-centsMalia’s 2 Cents:  I spent several months here during my second year of fulltime RVing in 2002, and while it was pretty windy in this area in the wintertime, I was so happy to return here again in 2015.  I had not found a private RV park convenient to explore Portland I liked better back then or now.  It’s really a perfect location in my opinion and this area is hard to beat in the summer and fall. reviews of Sandy Riverfront RV Resort

Your Two Cents?  The only way I know if the reviews and research I present are helpful to you is if I hear from you.  I sure would appreciate your feedback in Comments below.

divider-greenMailboxYour comments and feedback matter to me. The only way I know if this site is of any value to you is if you tell me about it. I love hearing from you and my mailbox is always open. Contact me or please leave comments above. Comments from folks who have "journeyed" with me at Malia's Mailbox.

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