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Charleston-iconDuring my first year of fulltiming in 2001, I spent several months in Charleston working for more gas money. I was entranced by this beautiful southern belle city and spent my first Thanksgiving and Christmas on the road here. I kept a journal of my memories, but somehow I wound up losing almost all of the pictures I had taken. So I’m glad I got the chance to stop here again on my way to Savannah and relive some of those happy times.

Battery 2

Gawking at these homes along the Battery was one of those times I just pinched myself to make sure I really was the lucky woman who was getting to see these things.

Battery 4

You can just picture the southern belles drinking sweet tea on these long wrap-around porches.

Battery 11

This was my favorite – Two Meeting Street Inn. Now a prestigious B&B, it was a wedding gift from a generous father to his beloved daughter. It’s hard to believe a check for $75,000 would build this jewel even back in 1890!

Battery 15

Cobblestone streets and cute little courtyards abound and made me wonder about what was behind the artistic wrought iron gates.

cemetery 4

St. Philip’s Church Graveyard – The contrast between the colorful new life that spring brings amidst drab gravestones representing death was thought provoking to say the least.

Rainbow Row 2

Rainbow Row – In the mid 1700’s this was the center of commerce in Charleston. Merchants had stores on the first floor and lived on the floors above. Neglected over time, they are now lovingly restored and a mainstay of historic Charleston images.

Angel Oak

Being a tree lover and hugger from childhood, nearby Angel Oak was one of my favorite stops.

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