Dreher Campground – Area B

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More waterfront RV sites options in Area B:


Site B-79 is where I landed lakefront property, my all-time favorite kind.


This was an extra large pull-through and I was able to park in such a way as to have great views and also found a hole in the trees to get DirecTV satellite. Verizon cell phone and aircard worked great, also.


My side yard – a typical lake inlet view from this end of Area B.  What a nice way to start and end the day with this greeting you!


At Site B-53, I met Leroy Dunn from nearby Columbia. He’s been camping here for 30-40 years and loves the peace, quiet, good fishing and that it’s only 40 minutes from home. The Park Manager, Ashley Berry, said this stretch of sites 49-57 get filled the fastest with return guests due to easier access to the larger open part of the lake. Ashley’s tip: #49 is his personal favorite site with lots of space between sites and good level access to the water.


I have a few other pictures of sites in both sections A and B, so if there’s one you’d like to see in particular, please request in Comments below and I’ll see if I have it.


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