Falls Park on the Reedy

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May, 2011Falls Park on the Reedy is at the south end of Greenville’s Main Street and besides the great design and revitalization of the downtown itself, this park on the Reedy River makes this area really special and unique. How great is it that you have every kind of shopping, eating and entertainment options so close to such a beautiful nature-lover’s paradise of a park!


This was one of the first scenes I came across. The combination of the beautiful, colorful flowers and the soothing sounds of the water were so welcoming and assured me I would love my time here.


There are so many gorgeous places to stop, rest and reflect.


At ground level you can cool your heels and wade around in the shallow waters. Or you can walk across Liberty Bridge…


…for a more bird’s eye view of the activity below.


Around every corner is another great picture opportunity. I was glad someone was here to get my picture with the exposed roots of this massive tree. Definitely don’t miss this park when you’re in Greenville!

arrow-right I camped at Paris Mountain State Park for my Greenville exploration.

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