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Sesquicentennial State Park

Sandhills Hiking Trail

Jackson Creek Nature Trail

Trail Info and Map

I always take advantage of the hiking or nature trails when I’m staying in any state park, and I truly enjoyed the two here at Sesquicentennial!

Sandhills Hiking Trail:

A two mile loop for hiking only (no bicycles).


I started on the lakeside paved walkway leading from the Boat House. This is one of my favorite spots with these beautiful shady trees.


After crossing the bridge, I turned left.

The path hugs the lake in parts, but is beautiful and peaceful no matter where you are.


Other walkers enjoying the path.


There are a few benches to rest or just enjoy the woodsy scenery.


Here’s the boathouse and boat rental facility you see from across the lake now.


Here’s the #1 Picnic Shelter from this side of the lake.


Jackson Creek Nature Trail:

1/4 mile walking trail (no bicycles).  Before you get to the bridge on the paved part, a short path to the right leads to the kiosk with trail info to begin your walk.


You begin on a boardwalk, then the path becomes a bit more rustic. But there are other boardwalks throughout when crossing the marshland areas.


There are interpretive signs telling you about the types of trees, birds, animals and landscape features along the way.


Hard to see through the trees, but this was an enticing view of the cascading spillway around the other side.


This was my favorite scene crossing a little bridge. I assume this is Jackson Creek since that’s the trail name. The underwater growth’s tannin color really added a splash of color to this idyllic spot.

two-centsMalia’s 2 Cents:  Hiking and nature trails are a big reason I love camping in state parks. Having the chance to get outside in nature – with beautiful scenery, trees, plants and local critters (well, except the mosquitoes) – is always enjoyable to me. Take your time, protect your skin against insects, pack a picnic lunch and some water and have fun!

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