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My visit:  September 8-23, 2014

State Park Camping website  Full Site Map

Icon Site Map Loops A-B

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94 total sites – 69 sites in main campground Loop A and B near the West Gate park entrance, 25 sites at White Oaks Campground located a little farther down Table Rock State Park Road.  All have water hookups and 30 amp electric service – one dump station at the main campground.


Table Rock - CG Sign

Sign to the main campground via Table Rock State Park Road shown here.

Important Directions:  Since you have to check in at the Welcome Center before entering campground, and they are on opposite sides of Hwy. 11, be sure to use their address of 158 Ellison Lane for GPS directions to get to the right place.  You check in and register there (before 6 p.m.) and they will provide map and info on getting to campground, about 1/4 mile down Hwy. 11 on opposite side.  There’s a big loop around the parking area there, so no problems for large RVs.  See their website for directions and GPS coordinates.

Off of Hwy. 11, there are two entrances into the park onto Table Rock State Park Road – the East Gate Entrance is also the road to the Lodge.  Due to the sharp and winding curves, this is not recommended for RVs.  The West Gate Entrance is the one to use to get into all campgrounds.

Main Campground: Site Map

Table Rock - Entry-Dump

After turning left at the sign, there is a small Country Store on the left with some supplies, snacks, gifts, ice, firewood, laundry shed with 2 washers and one dryer in back of the store.  Sites 1 (Camp Host) through 8 are on the road to the right.  The dump station seen here has hookups on both sides.

Loop A:

Table Rock - Sites 2-8

Sites 2-8, then the road curves to the right into campground loop.

Me at Table Rock

Here I am enjoying my morning coffee in Site #5.  I loved the little creek in back of the picnic table and the sweet soft sounds I could hear from my bedroom window at night.  This site is usually reserved for another camp host as it has sewer hookups, but since no camp host was here during my stay, they gave it to me since I was going to be here for two weeks to write about the park.

Table Rock - Site 72

Site # 72 – Immediately after turning right, one of the most popular sites in the campground is here on the left.  The small creek and beautiful woods become your yard to the left.  Note:  On reservations system and printed sheet, it shows this site to be suitable for a maximum 30′ RV.  But due to a tree that died and was removed more recently than that was created, it can accommodate much larger RVs now.

Table Rock Entry into loop

Entrance into main loop.  Site #10 on the right is a pull-through that is listed to accommodate a 30′ RV.

Table Rock - Sites 14-15

Rounding the corner, Sites 14 & 15 are on the left.  #14 (empty) is listed to accommodate 30′ max, and #15  lists at 40′ max.  The motorhome in it is 33′.

Table Rock - Site 21

Site #21 – Almost to the intersection where the road goes to the back Loop B, this guy is able to get Dish Network TV from tripod to position for signal through the heavy trees.

This is where you’ll come to fork where you can either proceed straight to back Loop B or continue around to left to other sites in this front Loop A.  Info on Loop B follows, but for now, we’ll continue around on front Loop A.

Table Rock - Site 57 Road

Site #57 – This site on right is listed for 30′ and smaller RVs and shows road through rest of Loop A coming back to entrance.  Site #56 and other sites on the left are mostly listed for tents only.

Table Rock - Site 65 - ADA

Site #65 – An ADA site directly across from the restroom/shower building.  Neither it nor adjacent #64 are listed on sheet giving RV size restrictions, nor are they listed on the Reservations page, so you should call park directly at 864-878-9813 for more info and to reserve these.  The RV seen on the other road is the camp host in Site #27.

Back Loop B: (Sites 23-53)

Table Rock - Back Loop sign

The back loop is recommended for RVs with maximum size of 35′, not only because of the size of the sites, but the road is narrow and winding in places.

Table Rock - Site 23

Site #23 – After entering the back loop, this site is on the left and is listed for a 30′ or smaller RV.

Table Rock - Site 33

Site #33 – listed for 30′ and smaller RVs – also showing the Recreation Building

Table Rock - Site 43

Site #43 – a pull-through listed for 15′ or smaller – obviously this guy exceeds that (see Note below).  With the position of trees, slide-outs on that side would be a problem for some.

Table Rock - Site 46

Site #46 – is listed for 35′ or smaller RV (way too conservative it looks like to me).  It is also not designated on map or Reserve America as a pull-through, but it is.

Trable Rock - back cg - curve downhill

Curvy road right past Site #52.

Note:  All the maximum sizes as shown on Reserve America and on the printed maps they give you were in the process of being revised, and it seems to me the maximum sizes are listed pretty conservatively.


cellphoneInternet/Wi-Fi/Cell Phone: Wi-fi is free and available at the Visitor Center and at the Country Store at the campground.  The only sites that can get wi-fi are 1-5 at the entrance across the road from the store.  I was in Site #5 and the signal was pretty weak, but most times I had no problem getting online that way.  My own Verizon Jetpack would connect, but only with my Wilson booster antenna, and then it was still so slow it drove me crazy and the campground wi-fi was better except during the weekend when more people were trying to get online.  My Verizon cell phone was very spotty.  I could not usually get a good signal within the RV even with the booster antenna, but there were other areas around the campground where I could.  Most times when I tried to connect to their wi-fi with phone, I got message that no signal was found for mobile networks; other times I could connect, so it was pretty hit & miss.

satelliteSatellite TV:  I could not get a signal with my rooftop DirecTV satellite in site #5.  The entire campground looks heavily wooded enough that I doubt it would be possible anywhere unless you had a tripod or mobile deal that you could maneuver around to find a clear shot.  I cranked up the regular TV antenna and was able to get a few local channels, but the only network station I could get was CBS out of Greenville – no idea why ABC or NBC would not come in no matter how I turned the antenna.

dog-leashPet Friendly: Pets are allowed in most outdoor areas provided they are kept under physical restraint or on a leash not longer than six feet. Owners will be asked to remove noisy or dangerous pets or pets that threaten or harass wildlife. Pets are not allowed in or around cabins, cabin areas or other lodging facilities. (From FAQs page)

kid-campfireKid Friendly:  Playground, Nature Center, swimming (in season).  See Education and Kids page on website for programs, activities  and events geared towards kids.

Amenities (no charge): Fire rings and picnic tables at all sites, restrooms/showers, dump station.

Other Services: Country Store at campground, small laundry (2 washers/1 dryer in open shed behind Country Store).  Gift Shop at Visitor Center.

Things To Do:  Boating (no private boats allowed on Lake Pinnacle, but rentals available), fishing, trails, bird watching, geocaching.



Readers have asked for short recaps of pros and cons about the parks I visit. I realize this is subjective stuff and what bothers some people, others won’t have a problem with, and vice versa. As a fulltime RVer, I like things that weekend campers can do without. But, based on my own observations and/or comments from others, here goes:

button-pro  Pros

button-con  Cons

Quiet and peaceful, lush green surroundings and heavily treed, with mostly good space between sites. Of course “heavily treed” meant no satellite TV reception, so bring your DVDs if TV is important to you.  Some sites are pretty unlevel, especially for larger motorhomes so make sure you ask campground staff about that aspect before making reservation – they are much more knowledgeable than ReserveAmerica info about specific sites.
Beautiful and well maintained hiking trails, including the top view of Table Rock. Unfortunately, if you’re like me, I just wasn’t up to a 6.8 mile uphill strenuous hike, but I did enjoy the part I did.
Terrific back to nature spot with beautiful scenery and outdoor opportunities galore, including short drives to waterfalls and other state parks and their attractions. If you need to be online, you’ll need to use the wi-fi either at the campground Country Store or at the Welcome Center across Hwy. 11.  My Verizon cell phone access was pretty spotty and did not work within the RV at the campground.  The viewpoint of Table Rock on State Park Road was a favorite place for phone calls for me.

two-centsMalia’s 2 Cents:  I really enjoyed my time here – it was a perfect transition for me coming from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in TN since you’re in the foothills of the Smokies here.  Very friendly and helpful staff with suggestions on what to do and see while here also contribute to an enjoyable stay.  I love these mountains and the beautiful area lakes and waterfalls are an added bonus.

Reservations:  ReserveAmerica ♦ Fees Campground Map

Other Reviews:  Trip Advisor RV Park


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