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August, 2013: My first experience with Tony’s was in 2007 during an extended stay in South Carolina and it was that visit that made me a fan for life (details below).

So after I got a new-to-me RV and was back in the area, there was no doubt where I would take it to address some issues I was having. Once again, they were able to take care of everything I needed. After 13 years of fulltiming, I felt a bit silly when my tech, Dan Hand, showed me the breaker switch that was tripped on the generator that was the only reason it wouldn’t generate electricity to the coach. But it’s very reassuring to a solo woman with absolutely no technical skills to have an RV service I can trust to show me things like this and keep me reassured I can keep on truckin!


February, 2007: Shortly after arriving in the Columbia area, I noticed water dripping from several places under the RV. I asked around the park and was told Tony’s RV Service was the best in the area. Being a solo woman RVer and certainly not a techie type, I’ve been taken advantage of by an RV service before. So I also did some research on the RV.Net forum and saw that good opinion confirmed. I then checked on RV Service Reviews. Here’s my experience in dealing with the folks there.

When I first called, I spoke to Cory and was disappointed to learn that they were completely booked for the next 1-2 months. But Cory did not simply dismiss me and his caring came through in his voice, his attitude and his promise to check with the owner, Aaron, to see if there was something they could do for me. Aaron called back shortly saying he would send someone out after hours to at least check it out and see if it could be fixed onsite as he was concerned that the moisture might be damaging something inside. Wow!

George came out and discovered that a part for the water heater bypass winterizing system was cracked. This was something that had happened before in 2002, so rather than spend another $300 for another plastic part temporary fix, I decided to just have him remove the part and replumb it.

Later, during a heavy rainy spell, I saw there was water coming in by the passenger window and also by the shower skylight dome. Again, despite being backlogged with work, Aaron came through and sent George back out to get me de-leaked by re-caulking all around.

Next, after getting a new battery, it again went dead within a week of being parked. Aaron said this was something that needed to be checked out at the shop and worked me in. Shortly after walking in the coach, Aaron walked over to the “Panel Dim” lever and turned it down. He told me since that left the dome light on, that alone could drain the battery in a couple of days. Since I never drive at night, I’ve never paid much attention to that switch, but then I realized that I could have done that when I was dusting the dash area! Since that little dome light is dim even with the highest setting and is beneath the TV, I never even noticed it was constantly on. We both agreed the chances of getting two bad batteries in a row were pretty slim, but he wanted to check the draw and the alternator and figure out why the auxillary switch didn’t do what it was supposed to do in such a case. Turns out the battery solenoid/ isolator was bad. With that replaced, my engine and house batteries would now be charging when I was hooked up to shore power – and my “MOM” switch would now work!


While I was waiting, I got to talking with a couple other customers who swore by their service and said they would never take their RV repairs anywhere else. I also looked over a bulging notebook full of “thank-you’s” and testimonials from happy customers.

Tony Langenburg started the family owned business in 1984. His son, Aaron, now owns and runs the business and obviously cares about continuing the family legacy of great service. Looking at a featured article about them in the newest (February 2007) issue of RV Pro magazine, I could see that they were recognized by their industry as well.

“I like to think of our guys out back as troubleshooters and not parts changers…We’re kind of like the doctor’s doctor…When the selling dealer can’t fix it, we always get these problems that are usually not cut-and-dry…They may not tell you how to do this in a book, it may be something that you just have to know from experience.”

A comment from one of their repair peers:

“The future of our industry depends not on who sells the most, but who services the best.”

Tony’s certainly lives up to this service concept.

I believe it’s important to share such info with other wandering souls. Even though they are obviously not hurting for business, there was not even a hint of the attitude of “we don’t care about you because there are plenty more out there” that I’ve seen before. And besides all that, their prices are reasonable! I don’t hesitate to recommend them – I just suggest that if you’re planning a trip to the area that you contact them early on so you can get them to do all the work you need done, not just the emergency stuff they so kindly did for me. And be sure to tell them you met them here and that Malia says hi!

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