Strange RVs

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I’ve seen some fun and creative ways of RVing in my travels and thought I’d share them here with you. (I’m updating these pages from my old html site.)

Weird RVs - helicopter tow

I really got a kick out of this Class C’s idea of the perfect tow vehicle. I saw him on the road near Eureka, CA and kept wishing he’d pull off so I could get the scoop on this deal.

Weird RV - Woodshake RV

I saw this wood shake house on wheels in Alaska and thought it was really neat.

Wooden Motorhome

My friends Don & Sharon Smith sent these pics of another wooden motorhome. What’s really strange is this is the second time they saw it in two different states!

Gypsy RV

One of the first traveling homes – a true “Gypsy Wagon” – I’d love to see the inside!

Weird RV - 1937 Ford Housecar

A 1937 Ford Housecar – Only six of these were made each year and this one was discovered in a garage in August 2001 with only 19,000 miles on it in pristine condition. What a find, huh?!

1927 Motel T

From my blogging buddy, Joan: This guy passed us a couple of times and we met him at a rest stop. He and some helpers put together this rig. The car is a 1927 Model T Ford and the fifth wheel was built from scratch on two truck axles. There’s a bathroom at the rear, bed up front, kitchen counters, dinette, TV and cabinets run the sides. It’s all white and red inside. What a funky house!

1951 Federal

This is a totally cool motorhome belonging to Eric and Debra Nason in Washington State.  are below. Now that’s an RV that will stand out as unique in any campground! Thanks so much for sharing, Eric, I love it!

Eric - 1951 Federal interior

Eric’s comments: The passenger slide holds a large U shaped seating area. I just finished the table that wraps around the post in the passenger side. There is comfortable seating for about 6 or 7 in the two seating areas. The post you see in the pictures helps support the ceiling/roof of the slide out. They are just big sliding drawers with one side open.

houseboat RV

A redneck houseboat? A land cruiser on water with upper deck and hammock features.

Strange RV hotel

I honestly don’t remember where I got this photo and I couldn’t find a Mountain Ridge Motel & RV that had it, but I still thought it was cool enough to put here.


It took me a minute to realize how appropriate the name was for the following unique RV, but I betcha you’d say it if you saw it on the road: “Wothahellizat!!!” At first I thought it was an Australian slang word because a reader from there sent the info to me.

This is the brainchild of Rob & Chris. In its former life it was a 35 year old army truck. They bought it in 1997 and spent 3 years turning it into Australia’s largest and weirdest off-road motorhome. They lived in it for 6 years, allowing them to drive to some of Australia’s least accessible places, but now have another project going. You can read all about it and see pics on their GrayNomad website. They also have a page devoted to other WORTs (Weird Off-Road Trucks) that have been converted to motorhomes, so they say the proper terminology for these creatures are “WORMS.” What a kick, mate!

Do you have some strange or unique RV pictures you want to share? Comment below and I’d love to see them. Keep them coming, readers – I get a kick out of seeing the ingenuity of us RVers!

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