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Here are some of the hikes and trails I enjoyed while visiting the incomparable Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Click on links below the preview pics for full pages and many more pictures and information.

Laurel-Falls-meLaurel Falls

A 1.2 mile hike I did during the 2014 peak leaf-peeping fall season.  I don’t know what I liked more – the distant vistas, the colorful trees, or the destination falls.

Cataract FallsCataract Falls

This is a very short and easy trail (1/2 mi.) in back of the Sugarlands Visitors Center.

Sugarlands Valley Trail - bridgeSugarlands Valley

A short (1/2 mile), paved and fully accessible trail very close to the Sugarlands Visitors Center.  These kind of trails are great when you don’t have as much time but still need a dose of nature therapy.

rue anemone spraySpring Wildflowers Photography Workshop

Tremont Outdoor Resort hosted this workshop and took us on the hillside trail next to the Y intersection past Townsend, the Chimneys Cove Hardwood Trail and Metcalf Bottoms.  I’ll do separate pages for these trails soon, but the wildflowers were spectacular!

Middle Prong - Bridge

Middle Prong Trail – Tremont Institute

I love this place so much – it’s only a couple of miles from where I’m camped at Tremont Outdoor Resort and this trail was simply awesome!

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