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Pickwick - CG sign116 State Park Road
Counce, TN 38326
(731) 689-3129 (Park Office)
(731) 689-3129 (Reservations)

My visit: November 1-5, 2014

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Site Map - click for full size

Site Map – click for full size

Campground WebsiteSite Map
48 total campsites, all with tables, grills, fire rings, water and electricity (14 with 50 amp, 30 with 30 amp), 2 handicap accessible sites, 1 bathhouse and 1 dump station.  Open year round.

Reservations:  You can see site pictures by clicking on an available site and get all info about how level, size RV that will fit, etc.

Pickwick - Me

Even though my main focus during this trip south was the Natchez Trace, when I saw that Shiloh National Military Park was reasonably close, I decided to take a few days to explore it.  I was glad to see this Tennessee state park relatively close, so decided to make it my home base.  Here I am set up on Site 10.

Pickwick - Row 1

After entering the campground, Site #1 is on the right.

Pickwick - Campers

When walking around the campground, I met fellow first-time here campers, the Stoddards from Collierville.  They said they’re enjoying the peace and quiet and all the easy to find free firewood that you can gather as long as it’s already fallen.

Pickwick - 19 row

Entering another loop with Site 19 on the right.

Pickwick - bathhouse

Site 28 backs up to the restroom/bathhouse building.  Although outdated, it was always clean when I checked.

Pickwick - 28 row

After passing bathhouse, this row starts with Site 28 on the left.

Pickwick - 35 row

Another loop shown with Site 35 on the right.

Pickwick - 46 pullthru

This row shows Site 46, one of two pull-throughs on this loop.

Pickwick - 48 ADA

Site 48 is one of two ADA handicapped sites.  It backs up to the bathhouse with a paved path to it.  Also seen on the right is the playground equipment.  The dump is across from the front of the site, but far enough away that the smell doesn’t drift.  The folks I met camping here said they really appreciate how peaceful, quiet and clean the grounds are and how the staff are all so friendly and helpful.


Readers have asked for short recaps of pros and cons about the parks I visit. I realize this is subjective stuff and what bothers some people, others won’t have a problem with, and vice versa. As a fulltime RVer, I like things that weekend campers can do without. But, based on my own observations and/or comments from others, here goes:

button-pro  Pros:

Beautiful natural setting; heavily treed.  Sites have good amount of space between neighbors.  50 amp electric available on some sites.  Peaceful and quiet, dark nights with twinkling stars visible between the tree limbs without a lot of artificial light pollution.  Campground easy to maneuver around and I didn’t notice any tree limbs brushing against the side or top of my motorhome, which I always appreciate.

button-con  Cons:

The site pads themselves are sometimes a bit narrow, but manageable.  The biggest problem I saw here was most sites are pretty sloped and hard to level in.  I was told #10 and #11 were the most level, and while I could get level enough for comfort and for the refrigerator, I still wasn’t completely level.  The campers I met in Site 1 shown above shows the levelers they had to use and they also said they thought the reservations page had good information on how sloped the sites are.

Most of the electric posts are in the very back of the site, which wasn’t a problem for me, but I noticed on my site #10, the water connection was on the opposite side from where they usually are for back-ins.  However, my hose was long enough to just go under the RV.

divider-greensatelliteSatellite TV:  I could not get a signal with my rooftop DirecTV satellite in site #10.  The entire campground looks heavily wooded enough that I doubt it would be possible anywhere unless you had a tripod or mobile deal that you could maneuver around to try to find a clear shot.  Only two local channels came in on regular antenna, but it had a lot of interference and basically wasn’t watchable.  However, I saw other comments that said they had great TV reception, so I don’t know what the key is for this.


Internet/Wi-Fi/Cell Phone: No wi-fi at park, but my Verizon Jetpack and cell phone both worked fine, with 4G service.


two-centsMalia’s 2 Cents:  While I’ve read the big attraction here is the lake activities, the golf course and the Inn, I chose this location as my home base to explore Shiloh National Military Park.  And it was convenient for that, but what I loved about staying here was being able to look outside every one of my windows and see nothing but trees and the dark, quiet nights.  I’d stock up on groceries before getting here because the nearest major shopping is in Savannah, about 12 miles away (Wal-Mart and Kroger).  There are a few restaurants and fast food places in Counce.

Your Two Cents?  The only way I know if the reviews and research I present are helpful to you is if I hear from you.  I sure would appreciate your feedback in Comments below.  I do have some pictures of a few individual sites and if you want to see any, leave comment below and I will post here. – There are two listings here – one for Pickwick Landing State Park and another for Pickwick Landing State Park Campground, but both relate to the campground.  One review from 2012 said you cannot make reservations here, but if that was true then, it no longer is.  I also saw some comments about the smell from a nearby pulp factory, but I was outside here a lot and never got a whiff of that.  There is also a review page for Pickwick Dam TVA Campground, so make sure you’re looking at the right one.

divider-greenMailboxYour comments and feedback matter to me. The only way I know if this site is of any value to you is if you tell me about it. I love hearing from you and my mailbox is always open. Contact me or please leave comments above. Comments from folks who have "journeyed" with me at Malia's Mailbox.

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