Little River – Tremont

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In my book, there’s nothing like having waterfront property!  Here you can have a campsite that backs right up to the Little River.  I got a kick out of watching tubers go by and loved listening to the sounds of the water at night from my bedroom window. river-b

This was my view from the deck when I was in Site B-26

Swing - Loop A

Rope hanging across river from Site A-23


Seen from Site  B-26

l loved this scene – people hanging out watching other people floating by (video showing differing water flows below).



The Little River is rated by Trout Unlimited as one of the top 100 trout streams in North America.

I don’t fish myself, but I sure had fun meeting some folks who were cabin camping.  I met them when they were on the way back from the river carrying their limit of 5 fish that day.


They came up from Florida and called it their “perfect home away from home – their little place in the woods.”  The boys, age 5 and 7, really were excited about the catch and were back at it the next day, too.

It’s always fun meeting other RVers, but I really enjoyed visiting with this group of fun folks.  I watched the kids jump in the big piles of leaves with belly laughs of the kind that makes any heart smile.

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