Loop B – Tremont

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Loop B contains 34 sites, all of which are 50 amp with full hookups. There are no pull-through sites in this loop.  B-15 through B-34 are all riverside, and have the great perk of these covered decks overlooking the river. Naturally, these sites are most requested, so if you want one (especially during peak season), better plan ahead and reserve early.  See Site Map.


This is me in the first site I was lucky enough to get: B-26. What a site!  This was the first time I was able to leave my bedroom windows open at night and be lulled to sleep by the sound of the tumbling waters of the Little River and that was definitely my favorite perk.  The tree canopy here prevented me from getting DirecTV from my rooftop satellite.  The park’s wi-fi and cable TV worked well here.

B-15 - lake corner

B-15 is the first riverside site and is closest to the bridge.

B-15 to B-18

Sites 16-19

According to the office, the most requested Loop B riverside sites are B15-18.  Besides the obvious attraction of the river and decks, campers say they like the generous size and easy access.  I stayed in B-16 for a couple of days and I really liked it, but what I noticed about the differences between it and B-26 was that the river is much calmer and quieter and I missed the sound of the mini-rapids further down the river.  However, this site was sunnier and I was able to get satellite TV here.  On the other side of the river is Scenic 73, but I didn’t notice any road noise since it’s

I met a couple who had B-17 next to me who said they come here frequently from nearby Maryville.  The big attraction to them is that it feels so far away and much more remote with its natural setting.  They said they always make their reservations far in advance because they always want a riverside site.

B-32 family

I also met this family from nearby Sevierville whose RV was parked in B-32.  Their daughter, Emily (holding the baby), stayed in one of the cabins and they said they really liked having both kind of facilities. They appreciated the cleanliness of the campground and Emily said the cabin smelled so sweet and loved the country quilt on the bed.  They enjoy rafting and are mountain lovers, so they come here because they find “all the best of Tennessee here.”  This was their first visit to Tremont and said they’d never get tired of the beauty around here and that they’re already looking forward to coming back!


B-34 – The most requested riverside site on the side adjacent to Loop C

I stayed next door in B-33, which is virtually identical except it doesn’t abut to Loop C.  This was my favorite site because of the rushing water, easy access, and I could get DirecTV here.  These sites are also directly across the road from the restrooms/shower.

two-centsMy comments on Loop B:  Due to these sites having 50 amp service, they’re a little more expensive than the 30 amp sites in Loop A.  Interior sites I stayed on included B-2 and B-3.  B-2 is directly adjacent to the restrooms and I could hear the sounds of the air conditioning.  B-3 is across the road and backs up to the road leading into the campground, but there was no bothersome road noise.  I needed a couple of boards to level up properly on both of these sites.

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