Winter at Tremont

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I enjoyed the summer here so much and wanted to see the spring, so I decided to stick it out during the winter.  It’s not usual for this area to get a lot of snow, but the winter of 2014 was unusual for the entire country.  I had never camped in such cold before and it certainly had its challenges that I wasn’t used to, but I ended up loving it.  This Southern gal had never experienced such snowfall and it really was a winter wonderland to me. Me - B-33 Sometimes I thought I could hear my RV yelling at me:  “Hey, we’ve got wheels you know – how about heading south?!” window-view

But with views like this from my cozy motorhome, I was happy enough to stay put.

Bedroom view

I really loved how the view from every window was different – this one from my bedroom window.


Tent area to the side of me – I wasn’t surprised it stayed empty during this time.


I didn’t see any picnics going on in the A section, either.

072 The cabins looked pretty inviting, especially the ones with fireplaces, but I always still prefer my own little home.

divider-greenI had my first experience of driving in the snow that winter.  While coming back home from nearby Maryville, it started snowing.  I’m a true Southern gal, so normally I would have been scared to death of even thinking of driving in the snow, but it was just the perfect combination on this day.  Since it had just started the roads were still clear, and it was a good amount of snow, blowing hard and straight at me.  I was so enthralled, it was hard to keep my eyes on the road, but thanks to handy dashboard camera, I was able to get a little video of this beautiful day:

Later it was coming down even harder, so I was glad I could just stay home and watch from the warmth of my home, but I still couldn’t resist getting out in it a little bit.  I felt like a little kid, but I certainly didn’t have the stamina to stay out there long!

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