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The Lone Star State
State Motto: “Friendship”

Texas became my adopted state when I moved from New Orleans to Austin in 1971.  I started fulltime RVing in 2001 and headbluebonneted off to even more unknown territories, and even when I return here for family visits, it seems like I never have the time to explore this huge state like I do when I’m away from home.  It seems to be the same ole’ story – I take my home turf for granted and forget to even get the camera out except for pictures of the much-missed great-grandkids.  But I’ll share RV related treks as I do them and services as I need them in links on the left.  If you have favorite Texas sites to share, please let me hear from you in Comments below.


Links to More Texas Info:

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State Parks

Big Bend National Park

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