Austin Zoo

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10807 Rawhide Trail
Austin, TX  78736

I first visited the Austin Zoo in March, 2008 when my daughter and granddaughter came to visit during one of my extended stays in Austin. At 2 years old, Anna had never been to a zoo before and we were excited to see her reaction.Zoo-AnnaIt was really fun for Anna’s “Ammaw” to share that experience with her.


I think she had the most fun at the petting zoo. This guy couldn’t wait for her to get inside!


We all loved the beautifully colored birds and their raucous cries.


This peacock was really strutting his stuff!


Besides the deer (my all-time favorite animal), the big cats are my favorite creatures.


What a regal tiger!


Strangely enough, I think the tortoises were Anna’s favorite…


That’s the stuffed animal she wanted from the gift shop. They’re “tur-tells” to her.


Here’s where you can take a break and picnic in the shade under massive live oak trees.


To see smiles of wonder like this, take a trip out to the Austin Zoo – you won’t be sorry you did!


Malia’s 2 cents: It’s not a massive facility, but nicely contained so that it can all be seen in one day without complete exhaustion. I especially appreciate their mission to assist animals in need through rescue, rehabilitation and education. The Texas Hill Country setting is pretty and peaceful, it’s a nice drive getting there, and there’s plenty of room for RV parking and turnaround. Give yourselves and your kids/grandkids a treat and go visit with the animals!

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