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517 S. Lamar Blvd. ♦ Austin, TX
512-477-3472 ♦ Website

bike1When I was planning my Michigan Summer of 2011, I saw many comments about the state being a Mecca for bicyclists with trails winding alongside lakes and among gorgeous scenery. It had been years since I had my bike out of storage, but I was determined to bring it with me to Michigan.

But first I had to get to a bike shop for needed maintenance.  And right down the street from Pecan Grove RV Park is Bicycle Sport Shop.

I stopped in and metbikeshop Andrew and right away was won over by his friendliness and shared enthusiasm to get my bike back on the road with me. He scheduled me for a tune up and had it ready when promised. One of the reasons I bought the bike I did was because of its light weight and that the front wheel comes off and on easily. This means I can put it in the back of my Ford Escape without having to deal with a bike rack.

Andrew helped me with this process, and even marked the seat pedestal so that I could easily tell where it was supposed to be when I have to take it off to fit in the car. I really appreciated his extra attention and willingness to go above and beyond the usual norms of customer service.

bikepicSo all you RVers who are in Austin and needing some TLC for your bike, I don’t hesitate to recommend Bicycle Sport Shop. Besides sales and service, they rent bikes, have all kinds of supplies, including hitches and bike racks, safety helmets and cute service reps, too!

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