Blanco State Park

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Blanco - gate

101 Park Road 23
Blanco, TX 78606
830-833-4333 (Park Office)

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Campground (Malia’s Miles review)



This little Texas gem of a state park was my welcome back after being gone for 1-1/2 years and before I made it back to my hometown of Austin.  It turned out to be the perfect transition and I enjoyed my stay here so much.  I agree with their Facebook page that says, it’s “the little park with the big heart!”

Blanco - cypress path

One of my favorite things to do here was just to walk along the river.  The brilliant orange of the Cypress trees in fall were simply breathtaking!

Blanco - dam

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) worked here from 1933-1934 and built the dams here and other facilities shown below.

Blanco - CCC

It was great to meet with the Park Interpreter, Kate Boysen, and I appreciated her sharing this picture of the CCC crew building the pavilion here in 1933.

Blanco - pavilion exterior

Here it is today – a beautiful large pavilion with kitchen and fireplace is one of the Group Facilities available for rent, located on the Blanco River.

Blanco - pavilion interior

Roomy interior with several picnic tables and large fireplace.  Kitchen with serving window is on the opposite side.

Blanco - large picnic table

This large stone picnic table is available for rent and there are a few grills alongside.

Blanco - oak trees

Since stately oak trees have always been among my favorite, the massive ones found here made great picnic companions.  The stone picnic table and circle here were also constructed by the CCC.

Blanco - stone picnic

I am always impressed with how seamlessly the CCC structures blend into the landscape and are not only functional, but add to the surrounding natural beauty.

Blanco - screened shelter

There are seven Screened Shelters with electricity available for rent (concrete floors).  You have to supply everything yourself except the picnic tables.

Blanco - river

I kept hearing that one of the best things about this park is its location, close to other state parks and hill country attractions, but with scenes like these, it was hard to care about leaving this park sometimes.

Update October, 2015:  It seems like I’m not the only one who truly appreciates this park.  Blanco State Park won the “This Bud’s for Texas Parks” contest after receiving the most votes as favorite Texas state park!


Facts and History:  104.6 acres located along the Blanco River. The land was deeded by private owners in 1933 before the park was opened in 1934. The park area was used as a campsite by early explorers and settlers. A spring in the park made the location ideal when the river was dry. Original developments were made by the Civilian Conservation Corps using stone hand quarried from a local quarry.  Kate told me the name Blanco (“White”) came from the large amounts of white sandstone in this area.

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC):  Since I started RVing in 2001, I have always been intrigued by the  buildings and facilities built by the CCC.  Blanco State Park is the smallest CCC park in Texas, being the 7th of 29 CCC built parks where the historical and architectural character of their stone dams, bridges, shelters, picnic tables and benches are preserved.  All of the work you see here was completed in just 11 months.  Also see CCC Texas State Parks.


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  • Deb Nyberg

    I am so happy to see your review of this park because I drove through it once a year ago to see if it was a campground I would like to stay in. You really brought out the atmosphere of the park and I’m sure it will be one of my first to stay at when I hit the road full time.

    • Yeah, I’ve talked to several people since I’ve been here that didn’t know about this park even though they’ve been in this area several times. I know you’ll love camping here!

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