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Exit 220, IH-35 South
Buda, TX 78610

I guess in a way, my fulltime RV lifestyle started in 2001 with Crestview RV, even though I didn’t buy my motorhome there directly. I wrote about this as an example of the many “angels” I met who helped me hit the road in my journal website, Inspiration’s Journey, on the page “The Long Answer” (to the question of how and why I started fulltime RVing).


2001 – The salesman who had been helping me look at RVs (Rob Hoffman) put me in direct contact with the owner which resulted in me being able to afford a much nicer RV than I had ever anticipated at the time. Many people who heard about my dealings with Rob could not believe I found a motorhome salesman I could actually trust – someone who put his customers’ interests before his own commissions. Rob is a rare breed, that’s for sure – I remember him coming out to my home to help me get the satellite TV working before I hit the road. His years of experience and insights were a huge help to me at the time.

2008 – I was happy to find out that Rob was still at Crestview after all this time. I even talked with him about the possibility of trading in on a newer model instead of getting the rather extensive repairs that were needed after over 7 years on the road. I went ahead and did necessary repairs at that time since I really didn’t see anything else I liked better (or could afford).

2012 – I again started researching options of either remodeling or trading for something newer. After the summer of 2011 traveling around the Great Lakes of MI, I just really no longer felt safe traveling in something that old and since service had not been able to really fix the slide problems I was having (it started chewing up one end of the carpet when it was retracted/extended), and service had adjusted it several times by then without permanent success. I started looking around again and blogged about “The Great Motorhome Debate Continues.” Even after so many comments and ways of looking at the debate, it just wasn’t clear enough in my mind to feel sure about what to do – so I did nothing.

2013 – I started working with Rob again, having come to the conclusion that even if it didn’t make financial sense, what I really wanted was a newer motorhome. Long story short, Rob helped me find exactly the right motorhome for me at great terms that even I could afford. Now, granted, it was a once-in-a-decade kind of deal with all kinds of “coincidences” that took place to make it happen, but still – having Rob on the lookout for me to jump on that deal made it happen for me. Meet Kismet, a 2012 Winnebago Adventurer that only had 1,500 miles when it became mine!  Link will take you to my public Facebook album (you don’t need a Facebook account to see them).


Rob Hoffman (my sales “angel”) in front, and Lenn King (service rep) on left.

Terry (receptionist) on right. She’s been at Crestview for over 12 years and is always the first smiling face I see when I walk through the door. It’s always great to be greeted with her heartfelt, cheerful hello whenever I visit! There’s a lot to be said about continuity and the feeling of really being cared about at the dealership you buy from.

Rob says the thing he likes the most about RV sales is that customers don’t have to be there – it’s not a “have-to” thing, it’s a “want-to” deal and they are there to have fun. With over 13 years of experience and many loyal customers, he’s definitely the “go-to” guy to get you in the RV of your dreams! He’s been nothing but good to me and knows more about RVs than anyone else I’ve ever met, so if you’re in the market to buy, in my opinion, this is the guy to call!




Here’s Mike Regan (General Manager on the left) and Cedric Leguyader (Service Manager on the right).




Crestview also has the option of their full-service Campground, which really makes it convenient to have your work done here if all repairs can’t be done in a day.

two-centsMalia’s 2 cents: As a solo woman fulltimer, it is of immense value to me to have a salesman I have utmost faith in, believe he will always be honest with me, and has always been available to answer even service related issues.

2013 update: I really love my Kismet and think very highly of the sales service I have always received there (thanks to Rob) but unfortunately I just can no longer recommend their service department. One of the reasons I traded for a newer motorhome is that they could never fix the slide on my 2001 Sunflyer. Once I bought Kismet and noticed right off that one of the jacks would not retract properly, I gave them several tries to get it fixed and they never could.  I finally gave up and won’t be returning there for service.

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