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3311 North IH-35, Austin, TX  78722

March, 2011 – While it is certainly my preference to share the positive experiences about RVing, I also feel it necessary to warn others when I come across a service that was unsatisfactory.

Well, all I can hope is they were just having an usually really bad day when they replaced the two cracked windshields on my motorhome, because I am SO unimpressed!

Started off with the technician, Adam, showing me a chip in the fiberglass of the motorhome to make sure I knew it came in that way. No problem – I knew about that. Then he showed me how the black rubber seal was not really covering the gap between the glass and the motorhome in a small area on the bend, which would let in water. I really hadn’t noticed that before, but he said he could fix that when the glass was replaced – he would make sure the rubber strip was placed correctly with no gap and sealed all around. Great!

crack-passengersideBut when the windshields were replaced and I went inside to check out the view, I noticed a small crack on the side of one of the windshields! I showed it to Fred (the manager) as by that time Adam was gone. He said he didn’t know if Adam had done that while installing or if it came in that way and wasn’t noticed during installation.


First warning bell went off in my head…

fiberglasschippedThat’s when I went over to the other side to see how they had fixed that gap. And there were 2 nice sized chunks out of the fiberglass! Not only that, but the gap was even larger now where you could stick your finger in the space between the glass and the rubber seal.

Note on picture: Length of span between where rubber seal starts folding inside fiberglass and end of piece = 3″

Fred told me that after he questioned him, Adam explained that the glass kinda “fell down” on the fiberglass when he was installing it and that’s what caused the chips. At the very least, Adam should have notified Fred of what happened at the time. But more importantly, Fred should have fully inspected the work before telling me the job was complete.

Fred said he would order a new windshield and when I came back to have it installed, he would make sure the dings in the fiberglass were covered by the rubber seal and resealed all around on the other window.

Like I said, I understand crap happens sometimes and mistakes can hopefully be fixed, but I certainly can’t recommend them for motorhome windshields based on my experience.

They were able to fix the gap issue (although I’ve seen neater work) and they didn’t crack the second windshield this time putting it in, thankfully.


Nit picky, maybe, but don’t you think they could have cleaned off the black gunk from the windshield they left?

While I had initially found Longhorn Glass after reading positive reviews on Yelp, the work was done through my insurance company, National Interstate, using RV Glass Solutions in Eugene, Oregon, who supplied the windshields. Chelsea and Gary there have been notified of all that has transpired and assured me they will warranty the work, so I have no gripe with them at this point.

11/29/11 Update: During my return to Austin after my summer in Michigan, I wound up having to drive in the rain, something I try to avoid at all costs whenever I can. When I turned on the windshield wipers, I noticed there were droplets that weren’t being wiped away – that’s because they were coming down on the inside of the windshield. When I got back to Austin, I contacted RV Glass Solutions and they said their warranty is nationwide, but is only for 90 days. They explained that the leak may not be from the windshield itself but from the running lights and that I would have to contact Longhorn to see if they would offer any further assistance. Since I have absolutely no faith in them, I declined that. Life in a motorhome is not always easy, that’s for sure!

Later, I had TDRV Mobile RV Repair come and check it out. He caulked all around the oustide of the windshield, something he said hadn’t been done when they replaced the windshield. Haven’t had any problems since. Still unimpressed with Longhorn!

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