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Appliance Repair

(replaced microwave-convection oven in my RV)

Austin, Texas area

I never realized how much I would miss my microwave/convection oven before mine went kaput. It was on my list of things to get Crestview RV to fix, but they recommended Mr. Appliance, who would come out to my RV to service it. The service call charge would be credited toward the repairs, but I decided to go ahead and replace the entire oven since it was 7 years old and at the end of its expected lifetime. I was able to get a replacement from Home Depot, but they won’t install in a motorhome, like most other appliance dealers. The owners, Charlie and Laura Goff, are avid RVers, so they have direct experience with our own unique needs.

It was great to have an RV savy service to call to get this done. My tech, Kevin Vallem, was impressed with how much metal bracing there was and had no trouble securing the installation. He’s been with Mr. Appliance for a year, but has 9 years experience in this biz. I appreciated his professionalism and the care he took to protect the floor and other surfaces from dirt, debris and damage from the installation.

While Mr. Appliance is a franchise with other locations nationwide, the Austin location is locally owned and operated and has been recognized as #1 in the nation. When I was exploring my options and trying to decide what to do, my calls to Mike Cote, the store manager were very helpful and informative.

Years later, In May, 2013, I called to ask a question about my home refrigerator, and found that Mike is no longer there. But the Service Manager now, Brandon Taylor, has been with them for 11 years and he was equally as friendly and helpful. I don’t hesitate to recommend giving him a call if you’re in Austin and need to have your appliances checked out, repaired or replaced.

A friend of mine had them work on her washing machine and she was equally impressed and is happy to know about their services. It’s always nice to have a “friend” in the repair business, and especially one who knows RV appliance systems!

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