Pecan Grove RV Park


1518 Barton Springs Road
Austin, TX  78704

Austin was my hometown when I decided to start fulltime RVing in 2001. So whenever I return to visit family, Pecan Grove is my absolute favorite Austin RV park. It’s definitely the best bet for exploring the music venues on 6th Street or when other special events are in town, especially Austin City Limits (ACL) in October (walking distance); also for exploring the state capitol, beautiful Zilker Park, and my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant (Chuy’s) is within walking distance. The park itself really is in the midst of an old pecan tree grove – nice and shady – you couldn’t ask for a more convenient spot with an “Old Austin” feel to it.

Please Note:  I get lots of emails from people asking me for reservations or how to get into the park.  I did this page about my time there years ago, but I have no connection there, this is not their official website, and I cannot tell you how to get reservations there for a day or a month.  I don’t think they have email, so you’ll have to call the park directly.


In this shot you can see my motorhome during the summer when the pecan trees are in full bloom.

Street Scene

Street scene looking the other way toward Barton Springs Road


Although I didn’t anticipate it when I first arrived in November, 2008, due to health issues and family drama, I wound up being here for over 2 years. Here is a shot of the same scene during wintertime when the pecan trees are bare.


Second street entrance from Barton Springs Road


The bumper sticker on the Airstream says it all.  We all worry how long this RV park will stay open due to land values in downtown skyrocketing.  Other parks in the area have already bit the dust to make way for high rise condos.


Doodle Bug the Clown is one of Pecan Grove’s most colorful residents. All us kids get a big kick out of her!  “Nuts” or not, my neighbors at Pecan Grove were the best!  I made lifelong friends here and we’ll all be sad when this old Austin landmark is no more.

But until then, you can still find nightly spots and even some pull-throughs for short termers, although it’s virtually impossible to get a monthly spot here anymore.  Even for nightly stays, make your reservations early because especially during special events like ACL and SXSW, they’re always booked solid.

Since it’s right down the road from Zilker Park, during events there it can be tricky getting into and out of the park with all the traffic, so keep that in mind, also.

Shady GroveShady Grove is right down the block and is another long-time Austin haunt, where they serve up “Austin-inspired home-cooking, cocktails, sunshine and smiles.”  They also offer live music on weekends with their “Unplugged at the Grove Music Series.”


Links to what others say about Pecan Grove:

Austin Chronicle: Best of Austin 2011 – Best Trailer Park

Airstream Life:  “Part of the fun is Pecan Grove RV Park, a funky oasis in the middle of Austin. This is an old-time park that the city grew around over the years, and one of the last RV parks where you can camp just blocks from downtown of a major city. It has a mix of permanent residents and transients like us, plus a few eccentric millionaires.”

A review on Yelp says: “Knowing someone with a trailer here is like knowing someone with a boat – you suck up to them…For ACL, REALLY suck up to your friends, since this short walk to Zilker cannot be beat with the promise of an air-conditioned trailer to regroup or nap in…”

Tumblewagon: “The park itself is a wonderful little community of mostly people who either live here as their primary place of residence, or have a permanent place to retreat to on the weekends. They have made this little slice of land in the middle of the city of Austin into not only a cozy campground-feeling place to stay for a few nights (or in our case, a months) but also a real neighborhood.”

BareNakedFamily: “We arrived in Pecan Grove and were immediately sucked into the very cool groove in this park. This ain’t Grandma’s RV park!”

A couple of old neighbor parks, the Shady Grove RV Park and Mobile Manor have been lost “In the Shadow of the Condo.” The saddest loss was the massive pecan trees, some hundreds of years old. There was an agreement with the developer to save some of the largest ones, but a hail storm that came up at an unfortunate time prevented that from happening. I guess it was inevitable that the value of this prime real estate would dictate a higher density use, but still, so sad…Let’s hope they really do “Save the Nuts” at Pecan Grove!

Malia’two-centss 2 Cents:  I don’t have a monthly spot here anymore, so I may have to end up staying somewhere else when I return to Austin.  I did notice last time I was there that the “progressive” construction all around the park now makes the former oasis of peace and quiet a thing of the past.  But as long as it’s there, it would still be my first choice in Austin. It’s certainly not a sterile, cookie-cutter RV “resort” with lots of concrete and a pool, etc., but the managers always make me feel welcome and at home here. I’ve seen remarks in forums that it’s an old funky place with mostly fulltime residents. That may be true from their perception, but it’s the good kind of old & funky with a nice feel to it, and every resident I’ve ever met here were really good folks.  They do have a small laundromat, showers and restroom, a bit outdated, but kept clean and functional.



  • Karen Etheredge

    im a local that Just discovered this RV park today! do you have any tips on how to either rent a trailer thats already there to live in longterm – OR how to get on their waitlist? I’m in LoVE I totally want to live there now!! great blog! thanks – karen

    • Karen, I’m sorry, but I just have no idea. It was always hard to get into this park years ago when I had a spot there, but I’ve heard it’s even harder now. They don’t keep a wait list at all from what I understand. If I were you, I’d go visit, meet the manager and see what he says and just keep calling to see what has opened up. Good luck – I really did enjoy my time there!

      • Karen Etheredge

        Thank you Malia for your reply! I’m going to follow up I will find a way lol?

  • Kriss Cat

    Hi I was wondering if you found out anything? I am taking a job for 8 to 10 weeks on the area and was wondering the same thing as well. I have a feeling I will want to stay longer but maybe we could chat and compare notes? My name is Kristin

    • Hey Kristin, as I said below, I am not at the park anymore and I’ve never had anything to do with getting reservations there. My page was just about sharing my experience while I stayed there. You’ll have to call the park directly and I sure hope you get in!

  • Kriss Cat

    Ah yes I saw that ….that was meant for Karen and to comment on the thread not for you because you already made that very clear. Sorry for the confusion I may have caused you.

  • When I first started fulltiming in 2001 and would stay here whenever back visiting family, it was always difficult to get in on a monthly basis, but I always managed. Now I understand it’s virtually impossible. They used to keep a few sites for short stays and I’m not sure if they do that anymore or not.

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