Texas Custom Coach

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10498 Hwy. 16 South
Pipe Creek, TX 78063
(near San Antonio)
(888) 761-4225 ♦ Website

Texas-Custom-Coach_CrewThese are just some of the crew there during my two service visits in May, 2013.  So many of them came to feel like family by the time my work was done.  Great folks here!

May, 2013: I “discovered” Texas Custom Coach in 2012 when I was trying to choose between remodeling my 2000 Itasca Sunflyer or buying something newer. I began thinking about what my wants vs. needs were, and started researching. I prepared a pros & cons list to try to sort it all out logically, since I know my emotions often override what good sense I have left. See “The Great Motorhome Debate Continues” for that and the resulting lively comments and opinions on the subject.

Looking for motorhome remodelers in Texas, I came across their website then, contacted Dave Miller, and he invited me to come tour their facility and see what they offer in terms of what I needed done. But, as time passed, and as usual, my heart overruled my head and I knew what I really wanted was something newer. Even then, also as usual, my wallet was uncooperative and I had no luck in finding anything I could afford that I thought would be any better than what I had.

But, as Kismet and Serendipity came together in 2013, and miracles and angels continued to come my way, I found a new-to-me motorhome that just about blew my mind! See “My New Rolling Home” about that particular miracle.


Dave Miller is co-owner and President and greeted me warmly upon arrival. He told me a bit of the company’s history and how he came to buy it in 2001.  A friend of his bought an old seated bus and asked for his help in converting it into a motorhome, so they started working on it together.  Both were naturally mechanically inclined, had built race cars, but quickly found out they needed to learn much more than they knew, since busses were completely different animals.  They agreed: “If we’re going to do this, let’s find a business to buy and learn how to do what we want to do.”

Dave found an existing business that did bus conversions and sold RVs. They bought the building and 13 acres and brought the bus here. Besides the original six (who are all still here), they now have 22 crew members. He said he’s not interested in “how things have always been done.” It was more important to him to have people willing to go with a better way.

I also appreciated the company motto: “We’re not here to tell you what you need. We’re here to give you what you want.”

His approach is also different when looking for techs. He looks for artists that can see in detail how it needs to be, but maybe don’t know how to get there. “We can show them how to do it. It’s more important to have people with the natural talent and vision who care about the job they do and work they put out.”

His philosophy is an old adage, but he takes it to the extreme. The customer is always right. That means if a tech tells him that a customer complained that one of their cabinets were nicked by him and he knew he didn’t do it, Dave still says, “So what? Just fix it and that customer will come back and tell others to come, too. That’s what’s important.”

He is not as interested in volume – he takes pride in each job and loves it when people leave here happy with their expectations more than met.

Dave&JaniceI was especially happy to meet one of those satisfied customers – another solo woman fulltime RVer who was having work done on her Country Coach.

Since you can stay on-site with 50 amp hookups while getting work done, I enjoyed visiting with Janice and swapping travel tales while our work was being completed.

two-centsMalia’s 2 Cents:  I appreciate that customers are allowed to watch their work being done and ask questions (as long as they know the techs are on the clock and they will be charged for the time). But with their reasonable rates of $60/hour for shop work and $65 (in 2013) for technical like electrical, etc., I think that’s a real benefit.  It’s also great that they have a place to park your RV with 50 amp electric and water hookups. For us fulltimers, that’s a real convenient perk!


Updates / Reader Comments:

July, 2013:LA_at_TCC  From L.A.: Thanks for sharing the gem of an RVers find: Texas Custom Coach. Great experience, with a great company & group of people.  They were my ‘Christmas in July’ and a restoration in faith & trust in the RV community — and people at large.Thanks again for sharing and setting me up for this positive experience!

July, 2013:  From Peggy – Just wanted to let you know we stopped by Texas Custom Coach and met Dave today! We are going to have electrical work done on our RV! Nice place! Dave was charming and really helpful, we enjoyed our time with him. Our Bounder is not even in the ballpark of what they work on but he was so gracious to help us. Quite an operation.


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