Solar Shades Installed

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At Texas Custom Coach
(near San Antonio)

(My preferred RV service
in Texas)

In May, 2013, they installed solar shades in my 2012 Winnebago Adventurer

As much as I loved my new rolling home, the first thing I discovered that I didn’t agree with Winnebago about in their new motorhomes was their decision to make day shades an option (not included in mine).  While I really like the new night blackout shades, I considered day shades a necessity since I needed to work in the middle of two glaring windows.

A call to Winnebago was helpful when they told me that MCD Innovations manufactured the day shades, and they were in Texas, near Dallas.  Peggy there was helpful in determining what I needed to retrofit the solar shades into the existing brackets that held the black-out night shades.  Although they also install, she told me that Texas Custom Coach, near San Antonio, was an authorized dealer/installer and they were closer to me.  After a call to Dave, the shades were ordered and I was on my way there the next week when the shades arrived.


Meet Steve, Bill and Alex (from left to right), opening my solar shades package.

Steve is co-owner and Manager.  He and his father-in-law started the original business in 1987 as a cabinet shop. When that business slowed in the 80’s, they started remodeling an old bus, took it to rallies, where people saw it and said, “Hey, I want that done!”

Alex is one of the original six techs here before Dave bought the business and is in charge of all techs now. Obviously, these guys know their stuff and I really enjoyed chatting with them.

Bill is the tech who installed my solar shades.  He’s been here 12 years and says his background as an architect jives well with his work here and his design/build experience allows hm to look at a problem and determine the solution. He enjoys working with his hands and loves what he does here because “it’s always something different.”  No cookie-cutter work done here!


Bill and Alex removing the large shade from the valance. I appreciated not having to move anything from my desk and how they took care in the process.


I thought this setup they made specifically for testing and adjusting shades was ingenious!

shades collage

Even though they were only going to install the solar shades into the existing assembly behind the night shades, he found the night shades needed trimming to work more smoothly.

This YouTube video shows the meticulous detail Bill went to in order to make sure both shades worked smoothly and correctly. I really appreciated him letting me watch the process. I’m a big fan of shows like “How It’s Made” and this was a treat for me.


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