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DC Ducks Tour
July 29, 2007
Washington, DC

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While enjoying the Sumerduck hospitality of my RVing buddy, Houston (along with some Great Gary meals), we took the time to go into downtown for a DC Ducks tour.
Malia with the Duck in front of Union Station

DC Ducks

Union Station
Washington, DC
(800) 213-2474

Since this tour was run by the same company (Trusted Tours) as the trolley ride I enjoyed so much in Savannah, I was happy to see them here. But, unfortunately, the trolley ride was sold out the day we visited. The Ducks tour is not as comprehensive as the trolley tour where you can get on and off for up-close exploration of the monuments. But the benefit of the Duck is you can just ride around and enjoy the informative narration from the guides on the ground, and then you get the view from the Potomac as well.
The tour starts right outside of Union Station. With its massive domed ceiling and Roman-esque statues, it's a worthy destination itself. We had a 3 hour wait for the first available tour, so had plenty of time to explore it fully and grab a bite to eat.

We then walked the 7 or so blocks to the capital grounds. For some reason I expected cooler temps in this part of the country even in the summer, but with temps in the 90's and what felt like 100% humidity, we were quite hot and exhausted by the time we started walking back to the station. But getting to see the capital in person was even more of a thrill than I thought it would be. It is much more imposing than I expected and the architecture is absolutely spectacular!

With security as tight as it needs to be these days, it was a bit disappointing that we citizens can't get closer to our nation's White House. I couldn't help but think back on 9-11 and be so grateful that those nut cases didn't get the chance to destroy these beautiful and meaningful symbols of our history and freedom.
We went past the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument and again I hoped I will have time to go back and visit again for a closer look.
It was also interesting to see the city and its icons from the banks of the Potomac River.

Malia's 2 cents: Learn a lesson from my experience and make your reservations in advance so you can get the time and type of tour you want. This is a great way to get an overview of this impressive city, but allow enough time and energy to really get around for up-close views of these amazing accomplishments of architecture.

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