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Virginia Creeper Bike Trail Blue Ridge Parkway Trip
October 15, 2007

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The Bike Station

501 E. 3rd St.
Damascus, VA 24236
(276) 475-3629
While staying at RiverCamp USA, Joanne (one of the owners) recommended that I make this trip while in the area. With the fall colors and cooler weather at this time of year, it seemed like a prime time. A look at the picture on their website sealed the deal for me. Ruthanne and Frank (work campers at RiverCamp) accompanied me and fine time was had by all!
It was 45 miles from the campground to the station and the hour+ drive itself was so beautiful it was worth the trip. This is just one of the scenes that delayed our arrival - we just had to stop and try to capture the beauty of this season in the North Carolina-Virginia mountains.

They transport you by van 17 miles up to Whitetop Mountain so it's downhill all the way. This is at the drop-off point if you go a little bit towards Virginia instead of heading down the trail at that point. A fellow biker told us about a beaver habitat nearby, but this glorious tree stole the show. That's Ruthanne gawking up at it.

There are many places along the trail where you can dismount to take in the views. This was taken from a Christmas tree farm -- the contrast between the evergreens and the fall colors was breathtaking.
Another stop along the way is Green Cove, which the railroad ran beside in the days when horse and carriage was the main transportation mode in this rural area.
There are many bridges along the trail to enjoy the sounds of trickling water and colorful trees. There are also a few places to stop and grab a bite to eat for fortification to continue on this amazing ride.

Location: I did this ride during my tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is quite a bit off the Parkway (60 miles), but it was a perfect day trip while staying at RiverCamp USA. See their website for directions from a number of places.

Malia's 2 cents: We got to the drop-off point at Whitetop Mountain about 1:00 pm and we arrived back at the Bike Station at about 5:00 - tired and with sore butts and knees, but extremely happy with the day! Steve, the owner, and his staff take very good care of you to make sure your ride is as good as it gets. You should definitely make this trip even if you have to go out of your planned way to see it. A Tip: No matter how warm it feels at the station in Damascus, it's a lot cooler on the trail as it is mostly canopied with trees. I bought one of their T-shirts when I was there because I thought I'd be too hot in my long sleeve shirt - wrong! My advice: bring a jacket or wear layered clothes. .
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