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Krodel Park
(City Park Campground)

1186 Charleston Road
Point Pleasant, West Virginia 25550

May 27-29 , 2011
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When I was on my way to Michigan, I saw Krodel Park Campground listed on Microsoft Streets & Trips as a park within my 200 mile range driving day stopping point. RV Park Reviews had old info from other RVers, so I called and spoke to the Park Manager, Derrick Taylor. I wanted to be sure it had space for my 36' motorhome and that it was in a safe enough area for a woman traveling alone. Derrick put my mind at rest, especially when he told me he is also a Point Pleasant police officer and lives on site!

Once I got here, besides liking the park, I then heard things that intriqued me about Point Pleasant (including the Mothman sightings), so I ended up staying 3 nights and really enjoyed my exploration of this area.

This shows the approach to the campground across the lake that is stocked with trout, bass and blue gill.
According to Derrick, this row that backs up to the trees seems to be the most popular - at least most of the groups that camp here request this row. The first day I was here, I heard the train that runs in back of this row, but that was the only time I heard it.
Here I am across from that row in site #28. Derrick led me here via the road on the side into the grassy area, making this a pull through site if need be.
This is looking from my RV down the row leading to the lake with a nice little fountain.
Here's that fountain on this peaceful lake, with picnic tables, pavillions and benches placed around for resting and taking in the views.

Malia's 2 cents: The only problem I had here was easily finding it! See notes below about that - the Park Manager says he is going to work on getting additional signage and better directions on the website. Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here. 50 amps, full hookups at a reasonable rate, with pretty things to see and interesting things to do - a great stop in my opinion!

Oh, and their website does warn about high water pressure, so be sure to use your pressure regulator.

When I checked the website, there was no formal address, location or directions - it only says "WV Route 2 North (just outside of the floodwall)." This may tell locals what they need to know, but didn't help me. To further confuse things, Google Maps lists a different address than Microsoft Streets & Trips (see below for more info) and even the address that Google gives is not a valid address on my Garmin Nuvi.
GPS coordinates: 38.83952° N - 82.12456° W (Altitude: 649')

Navigation Issues: I saw one of those handy brown signs to Tu-Endie-Wei State Park and to Krodel Park when I exited from US-35 and was about to go over the bridge. After that, I didn't see any other signs to Krodel, but was still relying on my GPS. I had plotted my course here using Microsoft Streets & Trips, which lists the address as 400 Viand Street. I plugged in that address on my Garmin Nuvi which is what I use to track the route on the road. However, 400 Viand Street is actually the City Center on Main St. - close but no cigar, and especially not amusing driving a 36' motorhome pulling a car.
I wound up pulling into a large lot on a side street and called Derrick for further instructions that didn't require a tight u-turn. I was so close at that point that he was nice enough to come "rescue" me and provide me with my own personal police escort to my site - another perk of having the Park Manager as a police officer!

On Google maps, the address is listed as 1186 Charleston Road. So the next day I wanted to see how Garmin would get me there using that address. However, even with newly updated maps, it didn't have that exact address - it defaulted to 2200 Charleston Road. You have to go past 2200 to get to the park entrance, drive on the road alongside the lake, pass Fort Randolph and the club house, until you get to the campground entrance. Just keep following that road all the way to the end where it curves around until you finally get to the office where you can register.

Derrick can also give you directions from other locations that don't have signs (the back way), so you can call the office at 304-675-1068 for details.

It wasn't until I got here that I realized Fort Randolph is at the edge of the campground at Krodel Park, so if you see signs to it, you could safely follow those.

Fort Randolph was recreated from the original fort that stood about a mile away. It served as a refuge for early settlers against Indian attacks and was also used in the Revolutionary War. The weekend before I was here, they had their annual Siege of Fort Randolph re-enactment, but I was disappointed that it was never open on the weekend I visited, so I never got to see inside.

Click here for larger pictures of an overview of the campground and Fort Randolph.


The campground consists of 64 sites, all with 50 amps, full hookups and small concrete pads (although the sites are mostly grassy). Free wi fi is available at the office and reaches some of the sites within the campground. Although some reviews I've seen say the campground is not big rig friendly, Derrick says that while not all sites can accommodate a big rig, enough can so that they've had groups here with big rigs and no problems. With a clubhouse, pavillions, picnic areas and interesting local atractions, I think this would be a great place for a group get-together!

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