Beartooth Scenic Byway

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Beartooth signJuly 4, 2015:  I am so grateful to the friends who insisted I should not miss this drive while I was visiting Yellowstone – it was definitely a highlight!

Beartooth Scenic Byway (U.S. 212) crosses through Wyoming and parts of Montana for a total of about 69 miles.  Since I went from the Fishing Bridge area of Yellowstone through the northeast entrance which leads to  up to Red Lodge, back down to Cody, then entered Yellowstone again through the east entrance, I drove a total of about 270 miles that day, every one of them worth it!

Beartooth 1

It’s sometimes hard to keep your eyes on the road when the scenery is so amazing!

Beartooth 2

It was always interesting to stop and look down at where you’d been – what a twisty, curvy road!

Beartooth 3

What an amazing achievement by man this was just to build this road! But even more amazing is the grandeur of this entire area, God’s creation!

Beartooth 4

It was a special treat to see wildflowers still blooming like crazy framing the still snow-capped mountains.

Beartooth 5

Cute little lakes created by melting snow.

Beartooth 6

It was almost impossible to choose, but I think this was my favorite viewpoint.

Beartooth 7

I was waiting for these people to start singing, “The Hills Are Alive…”

Beartooth 8

Even though you could walk on the remaining snowbanks, the temperature was still warm enough to be comfortable in short sleeves.


At the beginning of intersecting Chief Joseph Byway, which connects with Beartooth, a sign says, “Vehicles over 40 feet long not advised on US 212 East.”

linksBeartooth Highway (Wyoming

Exploring Yellowstone by RV (RV Techmag) – About Beartooth (even though he did it in a motorhome): “I hope you are not driving an RV. The Beartooths consist of two passes with a large high elevation saddle in between. If you take a southerly route you’ll begin from Red Lodge, MT and head through forested slopes as you gradually climb your way onto the mountains. Eventually you’ll reach the switchbacks on the north face. This where it gets steep. You’ll be pedal to the metal as you climb this series of switchbacks. They are relentless but every now and then there’s a runoff radius where you can pull over to enjoy the view and rest the coach.”

From Polly, an RVer friend of mine, ” We towed our camper over Beartooth last year in June.  It was fine with the camper. The switchbacks were easier than some of our US highways in Colorado.

YouTube video (US Forest Service) (20 minutes)

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