Grand Teton National Park

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June 16, 2015 – High upon arrival.  I haven’t said WOW so many times on the road in a long time!  As told in my blog posts, getting here was not the greatest trip ever, but I was able to switch to pure gratitude mode upon first sight of these majestic mountains.

Grand Teton sign

I’d waited a long time to gaze up at them and I wanted to see them in all the settings I’d been drooling over in the photos I’d been seeing in anticipation of the six days I’d planned here.

Teton - Oxbow Bend Turnout

One of the most most photographed iconic views of the Tetons is from Oxbow Bend Turnout. I loved how there were still happy looking yellow wildflowers scattering the hillside framing the beauty of the scene.

Teton - Cunningham sign

But no matter your vantage point or what the foreground, they are still the main attraction and dominating force here.

Teton - Cunningham cabin

J. Pierce Cunningham and his wife made their home here from 1888 to 1895.

Teton - Cunningham view

I’m sure this view contributed to the obvious love they had for this area, enough so to brave the harsh winters while they completed another ranch house.  But he finally agreed to sell so that it could be encompassed within the national park, “for the education and enjoyment of the Nation, as a whole.”

Teton - Snake River

Another classic scene includes the wild and winding Snake River.

Teton - Ansel Adams

It was this view, photographed by Ansel Adams in 1942, that helped convince local ranchers to share in the mission to promote and protect such unspoiled western landscapes. Ansel was moved to say, “The grand lift of the Tetons is … a primal gesture of the Earth beneath a greater sky.”

Grand Teton - Colter Bay CG

Honestly, I wasn’t too impressed with the campground at Colter Bay. I thought the way the sites were laid out afforded little privacy or natural feeling that I enjoy at most of these type of campgrounds. There are no hookups here and these sites are all first-come, first served, unlike the Colter Bay RV Park that does have full hookups (which was full the entire time I was there).

I thought it was a good thing that there was so much to explore so I could happily be gone all day because I admit I discovered I was not as enamored about boondocking as I once was. I’m okay with having to dump once a week, but I definitely find as I get older, I want the luxury of electricity without the use of a noisy generator.

But getting older also has its benefits, because the rate of $12/day with my Senior Pass made it easier to bear, and I appreciated how it was in the thick of things and was easy to get around to all the attractions. And I sure enjoyed those!


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